World Leading GPS App Sygic Adds Fulltext Search Function

24. 05. 2017

Sygic, a world leading GPS app with more than 150 million users worldwide, is releasing a new fulltext search to boost its already impressive navigation application. Fulltext search allows users to find locations quicker and easier, with less fuss.

With improved fulltext search,Sygic will help put the fun back into travelling by car. The new upgrade with fresh maps is free for all users. It also works with Sygic’s Points of Interest function, which allows drivers to see ratings from Foursquare and Yelp, as well as contact details, opening hours and even price category.

“Every new feature is an exciting challenge for us and an enhanced benefit for our users. The app breaks the line between conventional navigating software and a platform for everyday usage. We want to help our users get to work, find the best accommodation, and even refill their cars with the cheapest fuel,” said Michal Štencl, CEO of Sygic.

Additionally, the latest version of Sygic’s Smart Bluetooth feature means that Android apps will automatically ask users if they wish to navigate home when entering their car at work. By setting the home/work locations and times when are you leaving these places, the device is able to do the rest. Sygic GPS Navigation with its Real-time Traffic Information also assists users in avoiding delays on the road and finds the fastest road home.

A new unique feature for Android users is Sygic’s One Tap Navigation. These customers will be able to save the location on the screen of the smartphone (e.g. Market Street in San Francisco) and with one tap users can navigate there, anytime. Drivers can save more addresses on your screen, e.g. Mom, Dad, Grandma, University, 5th Avenue NY. It saves users’ time, because they are navigating directly from the screen of the smartphone, in one tap.