The most advanced navigation

Rely on world-class GPS Navigation
trusted by 200 000 000 drivers.

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Maps of the entire world

Navigate with or without internet connection with high-quality maps of all countries in the world.

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No speeding tickets

You will always know the current speed limit and the app will alert you about upcoming speed limit changes and speed cameras.

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Navigation you can rely on

Driving with Sygic GPS Navigation is easy and safe. The app will guide you safely to your destination even without an internet connection. Sygic includes high-quality 3D maps that are stored on your device. Regular map and application updates are free of charge.

But that’s not nearly all this app can do. With Sygic GPS Navigation, you will escape the traffic or find the best parking spot. You will also have up-to-date information about fuel prices on petrol stations and you will avoid speeding tickets with speed limit and speed camera warnings.

Sygic GPS Navigation is a great navigation app for every driver – no matter if you commute daily, drive professionally or need directions to get to your holiday destination. Download the app today and try all that Sygic GPS Navigation can do.