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Worldwide points of interest data
with detailed information about popular places.

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Places Data and Travel Planning Solutions


Sygic Places & API

Global POIs data with exact locations, place descriptions, photos, 360° videos, opening hours, admission fees and contact information.


Sygic Travel Planner

An online travel planner with interactive tourist map, tours and hotels that can be added to your website under your own brand.


Sygic Travel SDK

A set of software tools providing a direct access to the Sygic Places database and trip planning functionalities to add to any app or website.

Sygic Places & API

Thanks to the Sygic Places, Best Western is able to provide their customers with information about interesting places located near their hotels.
As soon as the client books their room, together with the confirmation email they also receive a list of interesting places close to the hotel’s location.

Explore all available places on the Sygic Maps demo web
Olivia Jackson
Digital Acquisition Manager at Best Western® Hotels & Resorts

Thanks to Sygic Travel we can now help our customers plan their holidays better. We obtained data for tourist places close to Best Western hotels, allowing us to recommend the right content to each of our clients. Together with the accommodation confirmation, they will now also receive tips on what to do in the vicinity of their hotels.


Sygic Travel Planner

In order to provide practical information to their followers, travel bloggers JB & Renée Macatulad launched their own travel planner.
Their followers can now build day-by-day itineraries straight on their website.

Explore available planning functionality on the Sygic Travel Planner demo web
JB & Renée Macatulad
Will Fly for Food

We use Sygic Travel to plan all our trips. Travel planning has always been a big part of our blog's focus so having our own travel planner has really taken our brand to the next level.

Sygic Travel SDK

The world’s leading flight search engine aimed to go beyond one-time purchases of air tickets and wanted to get more engaged with travelers. Their mobile apps were enhanced by a trip planning section which is displayed to the customers upon purchasing tickets. Depending on the destination they are heading to, customers get a list of major tourist sights, relevant tours, activities and accommodation options.

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Michaela Plesníková, Head of Ancillary Partnerships’s strategy is to become the world’s leading online travel agency, providing its customers with everything they need or want to know. The travel-planning data from Sygic Travel is just one of many features that intends to introduce alongside its proprietary technology and 24/7 customer service to make our customers’ trips easier and more enjoyable.

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