Drive safely, get rewards: Sygic and Triglav partner to offer next-gen insurance app

Release date: 29. 09. 2020

By adopting safe habits behind the wheel, customers of Slovenian insurer Zavarovalnica Triglav can get up to 25% off their annual contracts.

Sygic GPS Navigation soon to be available via Android Auto

Release date: 13. 08. 2020

Google is opening its Android Auto™ platform for 3rd party map & navigation developers to provide more choices to navigation users. As an early access partner, Sygic will be available on Android Auto in the coming months, after Google makes it available.

Fuelio with new features and changes that improve the user interface based on user experience

Release date: 29. 07. 2020

Sygic announced the release of Fuelio, the fuel cost and mileage tracking app for Android. The popular fuel cost and expenses tracking app incorporated feedback from the extensive user community and now has a refurbished design and several functional improvements.

Sygic Navigation for Professional Drivers Adds 200,000 Miles of US National Truck Network Roads

Release date: 01. 07. 2020

Sygic has developed a smart algorithm which prefers routes established under the Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982 (STAA) and uses multiple variables to find the most efficient route for heavy trucks.

Sygic adds smart Mobile Speed Cam feature to Sygic GPS Navigation

Release date: 03. 06. 2020

The global database combines information from user communities and other sources, including news feeds and field surveys, to deliver outstanding quality and accuracy in reported speed limit enforcement.

Sygic is Launching World's First Navigation With Integrated Payment for Charging

Release date: 06. 05. 2020

The company is adding to its flagship navigation Sygic GPS Navigation Electric Vehicle Mode (EV Mode) solving the charging and range anxiety of the electric car drivers. Planning the route with compatible charging points, processing payments without installing or using any other additional applications and getting real-time data from the stations was never as easy as now with Sygic.

COVID-19: Sygic Professional Navigation is now free for emergency services, waste collectors, couriers and supply

Release date: 02. 04. 2020

The company offers its popular turn-by-turn navigation, which is used for example by St. John Ambulance in Australia or US fire truck maker Pierce Manufacturing for free to fleets and help first-line drivers to during the novel coronavirus outbreak

Code vs. Corona: Volunteers and developers from Slovakia are offering everyone Covid-19 app for free as open-source software

Release date: 23. 03. 2020

The volunteers from Sygic, and other technology companies have developed a mobile application, which aims to slow down the spread of the novel coronavirus. The technology uses GPS and Bluetooth sensors to determine if the user came into contact with an infected person in the last 14 days.

Sygic Joins the Electric Mobility Revolution By Announcing Partnership with Plugsurfing

Release date: 18. 03. 2020

In the coming months, Sygic will release a series of features and innovative technologies for drivers and carmakers, addressing the biggest challenges of electromobility – range and charging anxieties.

Cyber Monday: Sygic GPS Navigation with Apple CarPlay Now Costs 75 Percent Less

Release date: 27. 11. 2019

Sygic celebrates Cyber Monday as Car Connected Monday - offering Apple CarPlay Connectivity for a fraction of the normal price.

Sygic Celebrates Black Friday With a Huge Sale of Its Premium Navigation App

Release date: 27. 11. 2019

For a limited time only, drivers can buy the world’s most downloaded offline GPS navigation – with traffic information, all add-ons and lifetime free map updates – for a fraction of the normal price.

Sygic Releases a New, Fully Customizable Head-Up Display for iOS and Android

Release date: 19. 11. 2019

The new generation of the popular Head-Up Display Add-on for Sygic GPS Navigation enables drivers to project specially optimized navigation instructions onto the car’s windshield, and at the same time look at the road in front of them thereby having a significant impact on safety and comfort.

Sygic’s Real-Time Traffic Lights Add-On Honored as a Top CES 2020 Innovation

Release date: 07. 11. 2019

The jury of 82 renowned professionals and executives from various fields of the tech industry stated that the Traffic Lights Add-On for the Sygic GPS Navigation “showcased innovative features that scored highly across the evaluation criteria and joins a special group of other products given this honor.”

Sygic Truck Navigation Adds Support for Road Trains in Australia

Release date: 04. 11. 2019

The new feature helps Australian truck drivers pulling more than one trailer to avoid penalties for driving in restricted zones.

Sygic Confirms the Support of Wireless Connectivity for Smart Device Link (SDL)

Release date: 16. 10. 2019

Soon, Sygic GPS Navigation users will be able to mirror the navigation from their smartphones to the built-in display wirelessly and benefit from various advanced features including up-to-date hybrid maps, real-time traffic data, predictive routing, speed limits, and parking advice.

Sygic Introduces Driving Behavior Analysis as Part of the Sygic Mobile & Navigation SDK Platform

Release date: 08. 10. 2019

Sygic, a top-rated mobile navigation application with offline maps introduced at Gitex Technology Week in Dubai a new driving behavior algorithm. It aims to motivate and encourage drivers to act safer behind the wheel.

Sygic GPS Navigation Offers Connectivity for Android, but Android Auto is Still Blocked by Google

Release date: 05. 09. 2019

Google is stubbornly keeping Android Auto connectivity closed for 3rd party map and navigation developers. Only its own navigation apps, Google Maps and Waze, are allowed on the platform. Sygic is pushing Google to open the Android Auto connectivity and offer customers also on Android smartphones freedom of choice.

Sygic is Encouraging Positive Behavioral Change Among Drivers with the App-based Telematics

Release date: 05. 09. 2019

The company presents at TU-Automotive Connected Car Insurance USA 2019 a set of mobile-based technologies tailored for insurance companies to open a whole new era of hardware black-box free, app-based insurance telematics.

Rewards, cashback and instant feedback. Sygic and Onlia have committed themselves to making Canada safer.

Release date: 21. 08. 2019

The innovative safe-driving app, Onlia Sense, systematically improves users’ driving habits in order to prevent collisions from occurring by creating positive behavioral change through rewards and motivation.

Sygic Releases the Next Generation Dashcam for its Mobile Navigation

Release date: 12. 06. 2019

The smart alternative to the hardware dashcams gets the advantage of high-end smartphone camera and an optical sensor to produce HD videos, which keeps the proof in the driver’s hands in case of an accident

Sygic to Showcase AI-enhanced Augmented Reality Navigation App at TU-Automotive Detroit 2019

Release date: 05. 06. 2019

The proof of concept of the app, which is able to take advantage of built-in car cameras, will demonstrate how the advanced augmented navigation system uses artificial intelligence to segment objects on the road in real-time

New Automotive SDK from Sygic Brings Mobile Apps Experience to Car’s Infotainments

Release date: 04. 06. 2019

Sygic Automotive SDK combines maps and navigation with new technologies available in the cars such as data from the internal sensors, voice control modules, and camera systems to deliver a safer and proactive user experience in-car infotainment.

Sygic Helps Increase Driving Safety With A Unique Gamified Driver Scoring Algorithm

Release date: 25. 04. 2019

Driver Scoring is integrated into the Sygic SDK, detects distracted driving or speeding, rewards drivers for safe behavior on the road and can contribute to the goal set by European Commission to reduce road fatalities by 50 percent by 2030.

Eurowag and Sygic Are joining Forces To Create the Mobility Services of the Future

Release date: 18. 04. 2019

Eurowag and Sygic are joining forces as a part of their long-term strategy to become the leading mobility solution provider.

Sygic Announced Pre-Launch of Easy-to-Integrate Driver Scoring SDK for Fleet Drivers

Release date: 26. 03. 2019

The adoption of driver behavior telemetry in fleet drivers may decrease incidents by 87 percent and maintenance by 30 percent

MWC 2019: Global Navigation Leader Sygic Unveils Dual Display Feature For Its Apple CarPlay Connectivity

Release date: 25. 02. 2019

The major update for Sygic for Apple CarPlay connectivity was made by Sygic at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

MWC 2019: Sygic and Ford Have Unveiled First Connected Navigation with Truck Routing

Release date: 25. 02. 2019

The latest upcoming update allows drivers of trucks, vans, pickups, and caravans with Ford SYNC® connectivity on selected markets to connect their device with the in-dash and operate the Truck Navigation by using built-in display

Sygic’s Smart Addon Cockpit Brings Useful Indicators in a New, Crisp Design

Release date: 13. 02. 2019

The latest version of the Sygic GPS Navigation app adds another layer of safety to the driving experience, monitoring the tilt of the car, altitude, and g-force.

CES 2019: The New Car Connectivity Project from Sygic Integrates Data from Built-In Car Sensors and Smart City Infrastructure

Release date: 07. 01. 2019

Connected mobile navigations today use just a fraction of data from built-in sensors in the car - by integrating them, Sygic aims to achieve better accuracy, increase driver safety and reduce maintenance costs

CES 2019: Sygic Announces the Completely Redesigned Connected Car Navigation SDL and SDK

Release date: 04. 01. 2019

The new generation of Car Navigation has introduced significant changes under-the-hood and added new and improved safety features enhancing the in-dash navigation experience

Fuelio Adds Trip Log, Allowing Users to Record Their Expenses in Daily Commuting

Release date: 10. 12. 2018

This latest feature keeps track of your car expenses, allowing you to create custom reports with costs for billing purposes and is equipped with the smart Auto Start function.

Sygic’s Collaborative Routing Algorithm Has Become One of the Top European Innovations

Release date: 07. 12. 2018

The expert jury at the ICT 2018 conference appreciated the solution’s potential to reduce the time spent in the traffic by more than 20 percent, significantly lower costs and contribution to CO2 reduction in cities.

Vote for Sygic’s Collaborative Routing Algorithm as the Europe’s Best Early Stage Innovation 2018

Release date: 06. 11. 2018

The intelligent routing algorithm uses the power of the supercomputer to calculate the routes for all drivers in a city towards a global flow optimum and can cut off up to 30 percent of the travel time in heavy traffic conditions

ICT & Logistiek: Sygic introduces In-Device Optimization Algorithm, bringing multi-waypoint sequencing experience working even without an internet connection

Release date: 07. 11. 2018

The new Algorithm from Sygic can handle more than hundred of waypoints, can be used as a part of Sygic Navigation products or API embedded into existing solutions and optimizes routes to achieve the best efficiency for fieldworker transportation, waste management, and couriers.

Sygic Travel Adds Public Transport to its App and Website

Release date: 05. 11. 2018

Sygic, world’s leading GPS navigation provider, has added public transport route planning support. Users can now plan a trip including a subway or tram ride in hundreds of cities around the world. Both the web planner Sygic Maps and the mobile apps for iPhone and Android contain this new feature.

Sygic Introduces Driving Behavior Analysis as Part of the Sygic Mobile & Navigation SDK Platform

Release date: 16. 10. 2018

This unique novelty evaluates data in real time, encourages drivers to drive safer and will soon be available as an API for 3rd party developers of fleet management and insurance solutions

Sygic Travel App Now Supports Apple Watch

Release date: 10. 10. 2018

Sygic, a leading company in the GPS navigation business, has released an update of its Sygic Travel app introducing Apple Watch support. Travelers can now use their smartwatch to easily display the current day’s itinerary, explore interesting places around them or access their list of favorite places.

Sygic Integrates with Bosch mySPIN Controller, Bringing Its Navigation App to Millions of Two-wheeled Vehicle Drivers

Release date: 02. 10. 2018

The leading navigation app aims to improve road safety for two-wheelers, which are 28-times more likely to be fatally injured than car passengers.

Sygic Premieres Apple CarPlay Integration At Mobile World Congress Americas 2018

Release date: 14. 09. 2018

Sygic’s GPS navigation app, which is used by over 200 million people worldwide, is coming on Apple CarPlay.

Sygic Launches “Predictive Routing” for its GPS Navigation App

Release date: 20. 06. 2018

Sygic's “Predictive Routing” feature will cull traffic data from a period of two years to show drivers the most efficient routes - even when cell service is not available.

Travel Planner From Sygic Now Available in Swedish

Release date: 05. 06. 2018

Travel maps for trip planning from the navigation company Sygic are now available in Swedish. Both the web planner Sygic Maps and mobile apps for iPhone and Android, which help people plan travel itineraries and discover interesting places, can be used by Swedes in their native language.

Sygic Car Navigation App to Feature with Pioneer

Release date: 31. 05. 2018

Navigation Giant Sygic with more than 200 million users worldwide and Pioneer Electronics, a leading car audio specialist, today announced their partnership. Sygic’s technology is available for iOS and Android smartphone users, and its class-leading Sygic Car Navigation app is optimized to work seamlessly with Pioneer Multimedia Receivers that feature AppRadio smartphone connectivity.

Sygic Travel releases a brand new website and an iOS app. Now displaying 24 million places of interest directly on the map

Release date: 16. 05. 2018

Sygic has launched Sygic Maps, the first online map focused on traveling. Unlike other online maps, Sygic Maps displays places of interest directly on the map, making trip planning and navigation easier than ever. Thanks to its integrated itinerary maker, you can build a day-by-day trip plan or just save interesting places for later. The website also features a handy travel guide for more than 10,000 destinations, photo galleries, 360° videos, hotel search, and recommended tours and tickets. Sygic Maps replaces the original Sygic Travel planner.

With Navigation Giant Sygic To Drive the First Asian Vehicle On Class-Leading SDL Technology

Release date: 19. 04. 2018

Sygic, navigation leader trusted by 200 million users worldwide, unveils the cooperation with the first Smart Device Link [SDL] technology integrated partner in Asia. Sygic’s technology is available to iOS and Android smartphone users and its class-leading Sygic Car Navigation app is optimized to work seamlessly with SDL technology in newly introduced Datsun vehicle.

Sygic Launches Smart Mobility Platform, Allowing Cities To Develop Next Generation Traffic Management Apps With Ease

Release date: 16. 04. 2018

Sygic, the world’s most advanced navigation app, today unveiled its Smart Mobility Platform for cities. Advancing beyond navigation apps geared specifically towards individual drivers, the platform offers local authorities tools to analyze, develop and implement an intelligent traffic management system comprised of high-performance computation backend services and mobile applications for commuters.


Release date: 15. 03. 2018

Sygic, the leading GPS technology company has announced a partnership with innovative addressing system what3words. Sygic Business Solutions and consumer apps are used by over 200 million drivers and 2,000 fleets worldwide including MiX Telematics, DISH, Hermes, and they were the first GPS app to partner with Ford. The partnership will initially focus on Sygic’s business solutions for taxi, public transport, delivery and construction clients with the aim of a wider integration into Sygic’s commercial products. Clients will simply be able to turn on 3 word addressing within their existing solutions in the coming months.

Sygic and Panasonic partner to offer advanced professional mobile navigation solutions to business

Release date: 12. 03. 2018

Panasonic today announced that Sygic has joined its Independent Software Vendor Partner Programme to offer the most advanced mobile navigation solutions with its range of Panasonic Toughbook rugged notebook, Toughpad tablets and handheld devices. Sygic’s navigation, mapping and routing solutions are designed for the transport and logistics industry, field workforces and the emergency services and are already trusted by more than 2000 fleets and one million professional drivers around the world.

A Co-Driver for the 21st Century: Sygic Announces Driving Assistant Feature For Ford’s Sync 3-Enabled Vehicles

Release date: 26. 02. 2018

Sygic, the world’s most advanced navigation app, today unveils its new Driving Assistant feature for Ford vehicles. The Driving Assistant is a voice-controlled, interactive co-driver feature that allows drivers to ask about nearby rest-stops, restaurants, hotels, and even traffic jams along route – all while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Sygic Travel Releases White Label Travel Planner for B2B Customers

Release date: 20. 02. 2018

Sygic Travel, a global vacation planner, has released its White Label Planner – a B2B solution for travel businesses. The White Label Planner is available in 14 languages, contains information about 20 million tourist places worldwide and allows people to easily plan a trip or vacation. The ready-made planner will be of use to various travel agencies, bus & train operators and airlines, but also to professional travelers. It will bring them higher customer loyalty and extra revenue.

Sygic Announces New CEO

Release date: 24. 01. 2018

Sygic, the Slovak company which is a localization and navigation solution leader, has announced its new CEO. Since January 2018, the company is led by Martin Strigač, who to date had managed the department for business customers - Sygic Enterprise Solutions.

Sygic Travel Offers Places Database With More Than 20 Million Points of Interest

Release date: 23. 01. 2018

Sygic Travel now provides offline database of more than 20 million points of interest tailored for the travel industry. The database contains comprehensive information about places such as descriptions, photos or 360° videos. With the help of this service, companies can offer rich destination content, build landing pages and travel guides or enrich their emails to customers with destinations info.

Sygic To Debut at CES New Alcohol Calculator Feature On Its Car Navigation App for FORD vehicles

Release date: 10. 01. 2018

Sygic, the world’s most advanced navigation app, today unveiled its new alcohol calculator feature. The new functionality will be available to all users of Ford vehicles equipped with the Sync 3infotainment system, and for other platforms including MirrorLink 1.1., Jaguar and Land Rover InControl™ Apps and HondaLink App in the coming weeks.

Travel Planning in 2017: Mobile in the Lead, Big Ben the Top Place

Release date: 15. 01. 2018

Global planner Sygic Travel reveals that 85% of people have planned their vacation on a smartphone or tablet in 2017 while just 4 years ago they preferred a web planner. Statistics also reveal that Android users are more conservative while spending money on accommodation or tours via mobile devices than iOS users. In 2017 the most popular destination worldwide was London together with its famous Big Ben.

Sygic To Be Top Navigation App In Newly Introduced Huawei AppStore

Release date: 26. 10. 2017

The Sygic GPS Navigation app, trusted by 200 million users worldwide, has been revealed as the Number 1 app in the navigation category of the Huawei AppStore, which will be launched across Europe soon.

Navigation Giant Sygic Changes the Way People Discover the World with New Version of VR Travel App

Release date: 28. 09. 2017

Navigation company Sygic is sending its professional traveler ‘Michal’ around the world for one year to build an extensive library of VR footage from the most spectacular global destinations. The videos are to be featured in the company’s new version of its VR travel app, released today. Adds Travel Content and Maps in Cooperation With Sygic Travel Trip Planner

Release date: 19. 09. 2017

The world’s leading flight search engine enhances its mobile application by introducing a trip planning section. Apart from selling tickets, will be helping its customers organise their holidays. The data, provided by Sygic Travel, contains tourist maps of the world, 20 million sights and travel places, 2 million hotels, and 70 thousand tours and activities. The travel content is displayed in the app upon purchasing tickets.

Sygic to Introduce Maps & Navigation SDK for mobile development at MWC Americas 2017 in San Francisco

Release date: 13. 09. 2017

Sygic, the leading GPS technology company, will be introducing its Sygic Mobility Development Kit (SDK) at the MWC 2017 in San Francisco, the premier mobile industry event for the Americas. From September 12-14, developers can explore the Sygic Mobile SDK demo at booth w.621 at the NEXTech pavilion.

With Real Time Parking Service, Sygic Car Navigation To Save Dozens of City Drivers`s Euros

Release date: 14. 08. 2017

Finding available parking spot in the bigger cities is getting not just more difficult, but also more expensive. Reaching the garage closest to final destination with the online booking option was never easier. The Real Time Parking Service feature in Sygic Car Navigation now navigate drivers and save their money.

Planning itineraries and making purchases more popular in mobile apps this year

Release date: 27. 07. 2017

Data from the global trip planner Sygic Travel show that during this summer, people have used their smartphones to create a holiday itinerary five times more often than their desktop computers. There is also a continuous growth in the numbers of purchases made via smartphones. Since the beginning of this year, the number of people booking a hotel room or a tour via Sygic Travel has been growing by 10% every month. Most purchases are made by people planning a trip to Paris, New York City and London. The most popular sights in Sygic Travel are currently the Charles Bridge in Prague and London’s Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

Sygic Incorporates Augmented Reality Into Its GPS Navigation App

Release date: 28. 06. 2017

Advanced gps navigation app Sygic today announces its new augmented reality (AR) feature. More than 200 million Sygic users worldwide can engage with AR for an improved navigation experience on the road.

World’s Biggest Database of Original 360° Videos by Sygic Travel Keeps Growing. Currently more than 1 300 are Available

Release date: 27. 06. 2017

Sygic Travel offers more than 1 300 travel videos in 360° in its web planner and mobile apps. Thanks to the database, unmatched by any other, people can find themselves in the world’s most beautiful places from Barcelona to Bangkok, but also in a hot air balloon above Cambodia’s Bakong Temple, driving a rickshaw through an Indian market or riding a camel near the Pyramids of Giza. The videos are shot by Sygic Traveler Michal Gálik, who has been traveling and recording the videos for months. Currently he is about to visit Paris, London and Amsterdam; later this year he will visit the United States.

Sygic Travel to Offer Its Trip Planning Tools and Data to Other Companies

Release date: 21. 06. 2017

Global trip planner Sygic Travel is now offering its data and travel planning tools to third-party companies in the travel and tourism industry. The content, which has already been used by millions of satisfied travelers, includes 20 million points of interest, 2 million hotels, 70,000 tours and thousands of 360° videos. It can be used to create custom-made travel guides, to display popular places located nearby or to add a trip-planning abilities to websites and mobile apps. Individual points of interest are matched to relevant tours and activities, which other companies can offer to their own customers, earning ancillary revenue.

The Brand New Version of Fuelio To Calculate Drivers` Expences Even More Effectively

Release date: 26. 05. 2017

Sygic today announced the launch of the completely new version of the Fuelio, fuel cost and mileage tracking app for Android.

World Leading GPS App Sygic Adds Fulltext Search Function

Release date: 24. 05. 2017

Sygic, a world leading GPS app with more than 150 million users worldwide, is releasing a new fulltext search to boost its already impressive navigation application. Fulltext search allows users to find locations quicker and easier, with less fuss.

Travel Planner Sygic Travel now available in 14 languages

Release date: 10. 05. 2017

Global travel planner Sygic Travel is now available in total of 14 languages. With the recent update, both the travel content and the user interface – the complete menu and all the buttons in the app – can now be displayed in Polish, Korean, Chinese and Turkish. While the iOS app is mostly downloaded in the US, France and Germany, the Android version is most popular in Germany, the UK and the US. During the high summer season, more than half million people use the app every month.

Sygic, A GPS Navigation Software Provider, Launches Its Online Maps For Enterprise Solutions

Release date: 08. 05. 2017

Sygic, the leading global provider of Professional GPS navigation software launches Sygic Maps API as part of their Sygic Mobility Development Kit. These application creation tools and functions, can help fellow developers and providers of fleet and workforce management tracking, to reach smart city solutions and optimize transport and logistics.

Sygic Car Navigation to Debut New Fuel Price Function at MWC

Release date: 27. 02. 2017

Car Navigation app from Sygic, which has more than 150 million users and worldwide coverage, today unveiled a new functionality that allows users to monitor fuel prices and subsequent costs in real-time.

Sygic Becomes First Ever GPS Navigation App to Work with Ford Motor Company

Release date: 04. 01. 2017

Sygic is the first GPS app to partner with Ford. With more than 150 million users and worldwide coverage, Sygic’s technology is available to iOS and Android smartphone users and its class-leading Sygic Car Navigation app is optimized to work seamlessly with Ford’s SYNC® 3 vehicle touchscreen.

Sygic Partners With Glympse, Bringing Real-Time Location and Route-Sharing to People on the Move

Release date: 23. 11. 2016

GPS navigation leader, Sygic, today launched its real-time location and route-sharing feature, now available to all premium users. This most recent integration has been made possible through Sygic’s partnership with Glympse, and means that drivers now have a simple way to communicate their travel plans and progress like never before.

Sygic Shrinks the World with Launch of VR App, Helping to Inspire Travellers Exploring New Destinations in 360°

Release date: 22. 09. 2016

GPS navigation leader, Sygic, today launched its travel VR app. Now anyone with the Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus VR headset can experience the far corners of the globe, helping users to make informed decisions for upcoming vacations.

Sygic to introduce new version of Sygic Car Navigation

Release date: 04. 08. 2016

Users can now try a new version of Sygic Car Navigation for iOS for 7 days for only 0.99 €. All the premium features are available, including car connectivity with InControl™ and Honda Display Audio. This update also includes new, updated maps and new Live Services in-app purchasing.

World-Leaders in Fleet Management Software and Commercial GPS Navigation Team Up to Improve Long-Haul Trucker Safety

Release date: 28. 07. 2016

Sygic, creators of the most advanced navigation app, has teamed up with Forward Thinking Systems, the standard in vehicle and asset tracking software, to streamline compliance for fleets while improving the safety of long-haul truck drivers with Rest Stop Planning.

New partnership to create EV optimisation and navigation solution

Release date: 27. 06. 2016

Route optimisation specialist Route Monkey has signed a partnership agreement with global GPS navigation expert Sygic.

Sygic Unveils Free Flight Tracker for Family Locator App

Release date: 22. 06. 2016

Sygic, creator of the world’s most advanced navigation app, has revealed that all users of its popular Family Locator app will have access to its renewed Flight Tracker feature. Previously only available to premium users, now parents can track their children wherever they are in the world.

World-leading GPS App Sygic Announces New Gas Pricing Function

Release date: 06. 06. 2016

GPS app Sygic, which has more than 130 million unique users around the globe, has revealed a new functionality that allows users to fuel usage and subsequent costs.

New partnership for Masternaut

Release date: 12. 05. 2016

Announced during the SITL EUROPE tradeshow 2 weeks ago in Paris, Masternaut has just signed a new partnership with Sygic, producer of the most advanced navigation app with SDK for professionals of transport and logistics sectors, but also municipal services.

Sygic Pivots To Form Sygic Travel -- An End-To-End Vacation Service To Transform The Travel Experience

Release date: 27. 04. 2016

Sygic, the global leader in GPS navigation apps used by 130 million people across the globe, today launched its travel companion platform, Sygic Travel. The new enterprise aims to transform the entire travel experience by offering customers help at every stage of their trip; inspiring, planning, booking and tailoring the entire vacation through just one app.

Sygic To Unveil a Solution for Municipal Services Providers

Release date: 16. 03. 2016

Sygic, the leading international provider of professional GPS navigation and location based services with more than 130 million users, has announced the release of Sygic Municipal – a unique solution for waste and winter management, street cleaning and green area maintenance. The solution helps to better handle the major challenges in planning, dispatching, navigating and monitoring the fleet of vehicles used by service providers. It is fully prepared for integration and customization to bring additional value to our partners and system integrators to tightly fit and interconnect with their complex telematics systems.

Sygic’s Global Expansion Enables GPS Navigation For Drivers In Emerging Travel Destinations

Release date: 10. 03. 2016

Sygic, the global leader in the most advanced GPS navigation apps, today added 88 new maps to its portfolio. The world’s most installed offline GPS navigation app, Sygic has now doubled its coverage worldwide - including popular travel locations in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Sygic GPS Navigation is now available to users in every UN recognized state, furthering its mission to guide every single person in the world.

Sygic Launches iOS Version of the Most Popular Navigation App for Truckers and Commercial Drivers

Release date: 14. 01. 2016

Sygic, the most downloaded truck navigation app on Android, today launches its navigation app for RVs, buses, delivery vans and large trucks on iOS, which is now available for download on both iPhones and iPads. The company is also launching a major update for its Android service.

Sygic Launches the Most Advanced Real-time Parking Service by Parkopedia in its Navigation app, Used by 100 million drivers Worldwide.

Release date: 10. 12. 2015

Sygic today announced the launch of the new version of its GPS navigation app. The new version features an integration with Parkopedia which will allow subscribers around the world to locate and reserve a parking spot from their smartphone.

Sygic on the way to dominate automotive navigation industry

Release date: 16. 09. 2015

Sygic, trendsetter in connected navigation, is pleased to announce new version of its Sygic Car Navigation for connected cars. The new version of this most advanced navigation app brings the combined power of the most popular online features– Real-Time Traffic and Mobile Speed Camera Warnings, in one amazing add-on product – Live Services.

Sygic Begins Landmark Navigation App Rollout for Apple Watch

Release date: 14. 07. 2015

Sygic, the global leader in connected navigation, is pleased to announce its renowned Sygic GPS Navigation as the first hybrid navigation app for Apple Watch. This exciting application update delivers the latest in Sygic’s sophisticated navigation and sleek progressive design to the wrists of Apple Watch users worldwide.

The Summer Update for Sygic Truck Navigation Delivers New Head-Up Display for Truck, RVs and Bus Drivers

Release date: 26. 06. 2015

Sygic announced a new product to make driving safer as millions of truck, RVs and bus drivers hit the road for the holidays. Sygic’s Heads-up-Display (HUD) projects navigation information onto drivers’ windshields, so they never have to take their eyes off the road to look down at their navigation software.

Amazing Holiday Adventures Delivered Directly via Sygic GPS Navigation

Release date: 21. 05. 2015

Sygic, the global leader in connected navigation, is pleased to announce its free new update for Sygic GPS Navigation for Apple iOS. Sygic is revolutionizing the navigation experience by adding millions of crowd-sourced reviews and recommendations from the leading travel experience resources.

Sygic Unveils Fleet and Workforce management Solution

Release date: 04. 05. 2015

Bratislava, Slovakia - Sygic, the global leader in GPS navigation with over 85 million users, has announced the release of Sygic FleetWork – Professional navigation bundled with fleet and workforce management cloud-based services. Sygic FleetWork is easy to use out of the box, and is ready for integration with enterprise systems.

Sygic navigation app gets MirrorLink Europe and North America Certification

Release date: 01. 04. 2015

Sygic, trendsetter in connected navigation, is pleased to announce that Sygic Car Navigation now has MirrorLink Europe and North America Drive Certification, with certification in Japan expected in the second half of 2015. This certification was awarded by the Connected Car Consortium, the organization driving global technologies for phone-centric car connectivity solutions. In the next few months, users of all smartphones in the world with MirrorLink technology will be able to use the most innovative hybrid navigation application, Sygic Car Navigation, in their vehicle’s infotainment system.

Sygic announces Fuelio as latest portfolio addition to support drivers worldwide

Release date: 25. 03. 2015

Trendsetter in connected navigation, Sygic is pleased to announce its latest cutting-edge application, Fuelio. Using Fuelio, drivers can track their fuel consumption and other costs relating to their vehicles quickly and easily through their mobile device. This new addition to Sygic’s rapidly expanding innovation portfolio allows users worldwide to log, compare, analyze and share their fill-ups and other expenses like never before using Sygic’s sleek user-friendly design.

Sygic welcomes new partner PSA Peugeot Citroën

Release date: 04. 03. 2015

Navigation frontrunner Sygic is pleased to reveal that its premier Sygic Car Navigation will soon available for PSA Peugeot Citroën through MirrorLink.

Sygic unveils Sygic GPS Navigation for Windows Phone

Release date: 27. 01. 2015

Navigation trailblazer Sygic is thrilled to announce that Sygic GPS Navigation is now available for Windows Phone. This much-anticipated release places the latest in cutting-edge GPS navigation, innovative design and premium Sygic amenities at the fingertips of Windows Phone users for the first time. The chart-topping Sygic GPS Navigation is now the most accessible hybrid navigation application for smart devices and connected cars ever created for the mass market.


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The New Paradigm of Automotive Connectivity & Navigation

Release date: 10. 11. 2014

Sygic Connecting Internet of Things, Navigation thru Advanced Mobile to Automotive Technology.

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