Global Demand for Fuel Price Information is Enormous. Daily downloads of One of the Most popular Fuel Price Tracking Apps Increased by an Astounding 1,000%

31. 03. 2022

Within the last few weeks, interest in fuel prices has reached its peak. The sharp price increase has pushed car and fleet owners to seek the cheapest fuel sources. In March, the number of daily users of Fuelio, a free app for tracking everything involving petrol costs and car expenses, increased by 75% on average. Year on year, the number of app downloads multiplied sixfold.

Fuelio belongs to the family of Sygic apps. It is free, available both for Android and iOS, without ads, continuously improved with new valuable features, saving money and time for its users. Besides tracking costs, users can also record their fill-ups, fuel consumption, car mileage and maintenance events. All this information can be derived and generated in useful PDF reports.

The top Fuelio feature is finding a pump with the cheapest fuel in your area, reliable prices acquired from official state resources or crowdsourced by all app users. From February, users can also see average prices in their area with trends calculated daily.

From the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the Fuelio user base has grown organically thanks to the fast increase in oil prices, which immediately reflected in the fuel costs. Fuelio achieved the highest increase in Italy in March, where users grew by 270.6%. Romanian users increased by 224%, the user base in Spain increased by 138.6% and French users reached a 74.9% increase. Users in other countries reached a 24% increase on average. "Significant price differences at stations probably caused the increase. Before the war, the differences were just a few cents. In the current situation, you can save a lot of money. We saw that the price difference reached up to 20% in some areas," said Adrian Kajda, a product manager of Fuelio.

In reaction to tens of thousands of new users, Fuelio developers released the latest Fuelio version 7.15, with many new improvements. "Sharing fuel prices with others is now easier for users. We've also added new filtering options to the map, enabling you to sort stations by popularity (most visited stations), rating or you can show the up-to-date prices. Users can also see the average price for fuel, which can be interesting when comparing the price in different areas," explained Adrian Kajda.

The app is currently available in 40 countries, while Russia and Belarus were removed from Fuelio listings, and users in those countries can't download the app.