Sygic GPS Navigation is compatible with Android Auto.

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Professional GPS Navigation for Fleets

Ready to integrate GPS navigation bundled with integration libraries for Fleet & Workforce Management Systems

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Supports All Platforms

Sygic is one of the most flexible navigation applications for fleets available and supports all major operating systems (Android, Windows, Linux, iOS) as well as a wide range of hardware.

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Commercial Routing

Sygic professional navigation supports different routing options according to the vehicle type or special requirements dictated by the use case.

Designed for Professionals

An intuitive user interface optimized together with more than 1 million professional drivers using Sygic Professional Navigation daily.
Sygic Professional Navigation is fully compatible and certified with major professional hardware providers.

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Offline Navigation

There is no need for internet connection and data plans. The maps are stored on the device to keep navigating even in areas with little or no data coverage.

Premium Quality Maps

Currently, we cover almost all countries in the world where there is the infrastructure and available signal for GPS navigation with the latest maps from renowned global and local map providers.

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Available in 40 Languages

The user interface and voice guidance in more than 40 languages makes Sygic Navigation a global product covering all major markets.

Truck Connected Navigation

The first-ever GPS Navigation connected with vehicle infotainment that comes with truck routing & SDK for professional drivers. Ready for integration with Fleet Management Systems thanks to powerful SDK.

  • Routing Options & Technology

    • Truck Routing
    • Low-emission zones routing
    • Emergency Routing
    • Taxi Routing
    • Traffic Routing
    • Guided Routes
    • Turn-by-turn voice Instructions
    • Spoken Street Names (TTS)
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  • Efficiency

    • The Most accurate ETA
    • Time Domains for Delivery
    • Real-Time Traffic Information
    • Most Powerful Route Optimization
    • Itineraries with Time Windows
    • what3words Address Input
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  • GEO Features

    • Geofences
    • Custom Map Overlay
    • Map Conflation
    • Import Custom POIs
    • Workmates Visibility
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  • SDK & Customization

    • Sending jobs and routes to drivers
    • Automatic setting vehicle parameters
    • Communicate with driver
    • Add content to existing maps
    • Configuration and Setup
    • Mass activation
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  • Safety

    • Driver Scoring
    • Speed Cameras Database
    • Preferred Right-Turn
    • Reach the Destination on the Right Side of the Road
    • HUD Interface
    • Screensaver
    • Night Mode
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