Professional Navigation for Fleets

Improve fleet efficiency and safety with GPS navigation for trucks and commercial vehicles. Includes an SDK for easy integration.

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Supporting 3,000+ fleets and fleet suppliers worldwide

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Commercial GPS Navigation
Made for Professionals


Commercial Routing

Supports a wide range of use cases and vehicles - trucks, vans, taxis, emergency vehicles, and more.


Offline Navigation

Navigate even in areas with little or no data coverage thanks to locally-stored maps.


Premium Quality Maps

Use latest maps from our providers (HERE, TomTom, OSM, etc.) that virtually cover the whole world.


Supports All Platforms

Supports all major operating systems (Android, Windows, Linux, iOS) as well as a wide range of hardware.


Intuitive Interface

The experience has been optimized together with more than 3 million drivers.


Available in 40 Languages

Both the user interface and voice guidance are available in more than 40 languages.


Advanced Routing Options

Routing considering vehicle parameters, emission zones, traffic, and more.

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Protect drivers on the road with driver behavior evaluation, safe routing, and assistance features.

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Save time thanks to the most accurate ETAs on the market, live traffic information, and more.

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GEO Features

Visualize various GIS layers, combine maps, and import custom content directly to the navigation screen.

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Customisation of the SDK

Easy-to-use, well-documented API functions to send routes, set parameters, add content to maps, and more.

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Integration Options

From a light-weight integration to deeply connected systems, you can select an integration option that suits the level of control that you need for your project.

Embedded Integration

Navigation can be a part of the integrator’s application, taking up only a portion of the screen.

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Stand-alone Integration

The navigation runs as a separate application and is fully controlled by the integrator’s application.

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Custom URL Integration

A light-weight type of integration that is best suited for browser-based apps.

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