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Integrate Maps & Navigation optimized for oil & mining fleets

Avoid roads restricted for hazardous materials
and navigate using your own maps.

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3 most-used features by delivery fleets


Avoid roads not suitable for your cargo

Set parameters such as: vehicle length, height, width, ADR, etc.


Include oil fields in the navigational maps

Navigate the driver on unmapped roads and industrial areas


Import custom POIs (oil and gas wells etc.)

Add custom points of interest (POIs) to the navigation maps

Send destination and let Sygic avoid HAZMAT road restrictions

Sygic Professional Navigation is embedded in a fleet management app that sends the destination and starts navigation avoiding HAZMAT restrictions along the road.

Liquigas, the major Italian distributor of LPG, is using Sygic to navigate over 400 trucks across Italy.

Setting HAZMAT attributes remotely and fixing map errors from the device

Sygic Truck routing offers the latest truck specific maps and routes. It automatically avoids all roads unsuitable for trucks, special cargoes, or hazardous materials by setting the vehicle’s parameters and truck-related attributes.
Vehicle attributes (dimensions, weight, HAZMATs) can be set up remotely over-the-air by dispatchers through “ChangeApplicationOption" API.

Total drivers has navigation menu customized in order to add or fix hazmat and other road restrictions directly from the navigation. In the navigation menu they have the option to mark the roads which are closed or problematic. These changes are then distributed to all other Total devices, and the navigation takes this into account when computing the route resulting in increased quality of routing for the whole fleet.

Driver behavior evaluation

Sygic Professional Navigation SDK can be used to enhance a fleet management solution with advanced driver behavior monitoring. Besides simple speeding reports, visited waypoints, remaining distance and ETA monitoring, its possible to use Sygic Geofence File to generate custom defined speed limits and accurate over speeding alerts.
More advanced options, like distracted driving, can be provided using Sygic's driver behavior evaluation algorithm.

Catherine Lewis
Executive Vice President of Technology at MiX Telematics

Sygic’s Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android was easy to work with and allowed us to innovate in areas previously not possible, such as speed monitoring based on road speed limits or custom geofence speed limits, which help our customers to monitor and improve the behaviour of their drivers.


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