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Maps & Navigation for Waste Management Solutions

Execute the exact routes as planned, including custom instructions for drivers

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3 of the most-used features by municipal fleets


Imposed routes to be followed exactly as planned

Navigation suppresses its own routing and accepts the directions provided by the planning tool.


Navigation in complicated trajectories & off-road segments

Navigation on routes not matching the official road network (unmapped roads, industrial areas, or off-road segments)


Digitalize your company routes, including POIs data

Routes can be easily saved and sent to different drivers OTA

Precomputed routes

This unique Sygic feature using an .ofg file enable you to perform the most complicated routes, such as navigating on one single street back and forth, which is often requested by Waste management fleets.
Import preplanned routes from a GPS log or planning tool including custom instructions for the drivers. The navigation suppresses its own routing algorithm and rather accepts the directions as preplanned.

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Sygic Waste collection solution allows Coved to monitor and report drivers’ productivity and to cut costs on the new drivers training when it is difficult to train a new driver for many different routes without software support.


Design and import custom routes

Import the Precomputed routes from any route planning tool in an .ofg format using the Sygic web API function.
Precomputed routes can be easily designed or enhanced with custom instructions using a Sygic Maps add-on.

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Easily add or update the database of bins/POIs

Custom POIs can be used to visualize bins. Import custom POIs with a simple database file into the map using Sygic Professional Navigation POI API.

Use Municipal API to add custom POIs into the precomputed route

Navigation in off-road segments

The best solution for waste collection, snow plowing, green area maintenance, and other municipal services is to be navigated in off-road segments, unmapped roads and industrial areas, field paths, courtyards, etc.

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Custom instructions

Track and report your drivers’ productivity and cut costs and save time on the training for new drivers by adding custom instructions, such as "collect the bin on the right side", to the precomputed route.
Custom instructions are executable as a message on the navigation screen or by using the TTS engine of the navigation.

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Sérgio Spinola
Product & Systems Engineer

Sygic helped Compta to reduce the distances, time spent and specific costs of fleet maintenance, improve the management of the fleet and human resources as well as lower stress for drivers.


Digitalize your company routes

Precomputed routes can be easily saved and sent to different drivers according to your operational needs.
The digitalization of the drivers’ routes makes it easy to reschedule their itineraries.

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Sygic Waste collection solution allowed Saubermacher to digitize their routes and driver's know-how into a single tool that made it easy to reschedule their drivers’ itineraries or hire new drivers without long training periods.


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