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High quality FCD and Cellular Signal Data

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Location – Floating Car Data (FCD)

Floating Car Data represent anonymized location data, which we collect from our applications. We started collecting them ~3 years ago to create our own real-time traffic. Apart from that they can be used to create user profiles, parking events, and many more.

More than 500 million Points a Day
Enough to power various mobility & urban planning projects

Every 5 Seconds
High frequency point collection

Just 30 – 90 Seconds
Low latency, near real-time delivery


Covered countries

USA - 46bn
GERMANY - 10bn
BRASIL - 5bn
POLAND - 5bn
RUSSIA - 7bn
SPAIN - 5bn
and more...


Charging Locations Analysis

The location of the charging station is one of the most important factors for a successful investment in building and operating a charging infrastructure.

Advanced data analysis about potential charging locations is available worldwide for anybody who is considering or is already planning to build a charging network. The analysis is focused on the evaluation of the potential charging locations based on complex traffic (using FCD), parking, commercial density data and/or other criteria, based on the availability of data or client preferences.


Cellular Signal Data

We are collecting data about the quality and properties of cellular network around the device as part of the library developed for Android by Sygic.

More than 100M unique devices a month

3 million devices a day


Search & Intent

Build your business model upon our search data on 500 000+ daily searches and see what places people look for.


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