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Integrate Truck Navigation into your Fleet Management

Automatically avoid all roads unsuitable for trucks, special cargoes,
or hazardous materials by setting the truck-related attributes.

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3 most-used features by truck fleets


Avoid roads not suitable for your truck or cargo

Set parameters for your vehicles like: vehicle length, height, width, ADR etc.


Full offline functionality and itineraries

Maps are stored on the device. Routes with multiple waypoints, predefined time windows and stop times.


Execute routes exactly as planned to save costs

Help drivers to follow the same routes as planned in the office and improve your cost planning.

Reliable and accurate truck routing offline

Sygic Professional Navigation app automatically avoids all roads unsuitable for trucks, special cargoes, or hazardous materials. Using Sygic SDK, 3d party fleet management app can set vehicle parameters and start navigation taking into account all restrictions for given vehicle when calculating the route.

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Arie Van der Jagt
VP Region West, Transics, WABCO company

Sygic Professional Navigation is integrated with the Transics smartphone application to guide the driver through his entire assigned itinerary with navigation activated from Transics application at the push of a button. Sygic software is up to date, it is dedicated for trucks with possibility to enter truck or cargo parameters and, needless to say, it is convenient.


Send preplanned routes directly to your drivers and control the number of kilometres driven

Plan exact routes in your planning tool and send them to the Sygic Professional Navigation app for execution, taking restrictions based on truck, HAZMAT, and other settings into account. Helping drivers to drive the same routes as planned in the office enables you to get much better results in terms of planned versus driven kilometres and avoid fuel cost estimation discrepancies.

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Send destination or itinerary into navigation

Sygic Professional Navigation makes it possible to send addresses and GPS positions from the 3rd party communication and application module, so that driver does not need to enter destination manually.

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AddSecure, leading European provider of premium IoT solutions, integrates Sygic Professional Navigation directly into its on-board touch screen and in its Co-driver product range. Its customers rely on truck attributes in their daily work.


Driver behavior evaluation

Sygic Professional Navigation SDK can be used to enhance a fleet management solution with advanced driver behavior monitoring. Besides simple speeding reports, visited waypoints, remaining distance and ETA monitoring, its possible to use Sygic Geofence File to generate custom defined speed limits and accurate over speeding alerts.
More advanced options, like distracted driving, can be provided using Sygic's driver behavior evaluation algorithm.

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Catherine Lewis
Executive Vice President of Technology, MiX Telematics

Sygic’s Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android was easy to work with and allowed us to innovate in areas previously not possible, such as speed monitoring based on road speed limits or custom geofence speed limits, which help our customers to monitor and improve the behaviour of their drivers.


The most accurate ETA on the market

Sygic ETA calculation is designed in order to meet the requirements of a modern supply chain operations. According to data from our app, 75% of drivers reach their destination on time or sooner than predicted by Sygic ETA.

The calculation of the arrival time is based on historical data measurements of traffic intensity for different times of day, which makes the ETA highly accurate.
Integrated with fleet management solution, Sygic Professional Navigation makes it possible to send information about ETA (using GetRouteStatus) to the dispatcher in real time.

Sygic ETA precision occurance chart
Ulrich Koch
Project manager at HERMES Einrichtungs Service

We carry out between 20 - 35 customer stops per tour. Approximately 1,600 tours are thus carried out daily with the support of Sygic within Germany, Holland, Austria and Switzerland. Sygic is very fast responding business partner and our wishes were implemented accordingly.


ELD / Tachograph integration for better Rest stop planning

Rest Stop Planning, developed by Sygic, is the addition to vehicle operator app integrating Electronic Logging Device (ELD) or Tachograph data.
Motivated by improving safety and compliance for fleets, Sygic uses the data about logged driving hours and combines them with ETA. In this way Sygic Professional Navigation can suggest suitable rest areas for drivers within the reach. All displayed seamlessly alongside important navigation info.

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David Isler
CEO, Forward Thinking Systems

Rest Stop Planning, developed by Sygic, is the addition to Forward Thinking’s vehicle operator app, Field Warrior. Our partnership with Sygic provides a new level of safety and compliance for fleets in an increasingly digital industry.


UX optimized for professional service and a modern UI

We constantly update UX to fit the requirements of a professional driver and optimize UI collecting feedback from over 1M active user base of professional drivers and 200M private drivers using our consumer apps.
Use Sygic Professional Navigation SDK to integrate maps and navigation experience trusted by 1M professional drivers.

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Andreas Kirchheiner
managing director, AIS GmbH

The Sygic navigation solution is available on all AIS terminals (scanners and PDAs). The value Sygic is adding with its navigation system is the capability to perform comprehensive complex truck routing in the same short time as with navigation systems for normal cars. Sygic has managed to get it done (truck routing) in a very short time with a first-rate and modern user interface.


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