Does URL Integration fit my Project?

Suitable for browser-based apps or apps not designed for integration.

Gives access only to limited integration functionality. If you need acomplete API functionality, see the Embedded or Standalone SDK.

Embedded Integration
Simple commands, also supporting commands for Google Maps.

Unidirectional commands only, the app does not get a response from the navigation. In case you need a response, please consider the Stand-alone SDK.

Stand-alone Integration
Very fast implementation and the lowest costs for integration.

If you need acomplete API functionality, see the Embedded or Standalone SDK.

Stand-alone Integration

Custom URL Functions

This integration method does not offer events and callbacks, but still provides some functions to manage navigation remotely, to control the activation process or to update the installation.

search | searched address

Search for an address or place and navigate to it.

route_download | url (sif / json)

Download your itinerary and load it to the navigation.

back_button | application identifier

Define the back button behavior.

truckSettings | parameters

Configures truck parameters.

coordinate | lon | lat | show

Shows the map at the given coordinates.

coordinate | lon | lat | drive

Initiates navigation to an address.

update | map

Update a specific map or all maps.

settingsOverwrite | filepath

Overwrite app settings.

activate | productCode

Activates the license using a product code.

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