Does Stand-alone fit my project?

Your app remains small and it is independent of the Sygic navigation.

If you prefer installing one single app, see the Embedded SDK.

Embedded Integration
You can have a separate lifecycle for your application.

If you prefer full ownership of the navigation as a component, see the Embedded SDK.

Embedded Integration
Possibility to implement a "Back" button to connect your app.

If you prefer a seamless user experience between navigation and your application, see the Embedded SDK.

Embedded Integration

API Gallery

Integrating the Sygic navigation engine as a separate application that can be “hidden” by the 3rd party application (allowing the driver to access other instructions as he or she reaches the destination) or brought on top (to navigate the driver to the next waypoint).

Init API

This API contains functions which set up or close down the connection such as Init, Connect and Disconnect, start up Navigation module, Show and EndApplication...

Maps API

Functions which allow the loading of geometry files for custom layer visualization on map. Polygon objects supporting geofence messaging notification.

Routing API

Functions which allow the json route or itinerary for route calculation to be sent into the navigation, retrieving the actual route real-time status...

Navigation API

The Navigation API is about getting into navigation mode after the route calculation is done, and monitoring the navigation by means of events.

Location API

The Location API provides geocoding and reverse geocoding functionality, which is intended to translate the address string into GPS latitude/longitude coordinates and…


The POI API provides POI management functionality for point of interest (POI) objects coming with currently installed maps or user-defined POIs.

Settings API

The Settings API provides functionality to read and overwrite some application settings. Alternatively, there is the initialization file to configure some…

Dialog API

The Dialog API provides the functions which deal with presenting some custom information to drivers such as FlashMessage or ShowMessage.

Secondary Display API

With the HUD API you can obtain rich navigation status data from Sygic Navigation on the go and use it for your specific visualization needs.

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