Sygic's Black Friday Unveils Enhanced Time- and Money-Saving Features

22. 11. 2023

The innovations within Sygic GPS Navigation are evolving intelligently, empowering drivers with invaluable data for better decision-making while driving—ultimately saving both time and money. The Premium+ subscription now includes 'Time to Leave' and 'Average Speed Cameras'. To celebrate Black Friday, Sygic prepared favorable discounts both for new and loyal customers. Lifetime users can access the Premium+ features for an entire year at an exclusive price of only 9.99€.

Sygic has integrated Average Speed Camera notifications into the navigation system to respond to user feedback. Drivers are now informed about Average Speed Cameras before the monitored section on their route and by its end. The aim is to promote safe driving habits and alert drivers to monitored speed zones, ensuring smoother traffic flow and preventing accidents.

Sygic GPS Navigation has also embraced a feature familiar to search engines: real-time traffic for specific locations during the day. Once a route is selected and the bottom sheet with route details is tapped, Sygic presents an interactive graph detailing peak traffic hours throughout the day on the chosen route. By selecting a preferred departure time, users receive an estimated arrival time to the destination.

These groundbreaking features are a part of the Premium+ package, and are available both for Android and iOS users.

For Free Sygic GPS Navigation users, an exclusive Black Friday offer allows subscription to Premium+ through our newsletter for only 14.99€ for the first year. Drivers with a Lifetime license also can expect the Black Friday newsletter's discount code allowing them to enjoy even more significant savings.