Sygic Unveils Free Flight Tracker for Family Locator App

22. 06. 2016

Sygic, creator of the world’s most advanced navigation app, has revealed that all users of its popular Family Locator app will have access to its renewed Flight Tracker feature. Previously only available to premium users, now parents can track their children wherever they are in the world.

With more than 130 million unique users, Sygic covers the entire planet, minus a few islands. By partnering with FlightAware, Sygic is able to inform families about a plane’s departure, landing, delay, or cancellation without needing GPS or a data connection. The new update means Family Locator has become the first app in the world to offer free basic flight tracking to family members. Now with a new multiple flights registration feature, users can really keep track of their nest, wherever they go.

“With travel freely available to all, it has never been more desirable to have a way of communicating global location between family members,” says Sygic CEO and founder Michal Štencl. “With Family Locator and Flight Tracker, we are excited to give families peace of mind while their loved ones are traveling.”

Available on both iOS and Android platforms, Family Locator boasts an array of free features, as well as exclusive options for premium users. Free features include flight tracker providing basic information about a flight; real time location; check in and SOS alerts; alerts for safe and unsafe zones, and free messaging. Premium users can also enjoy flight tracker with more detailed information and a seven day history of their loved ones’ location and movements. The Family Locator app was also tested and approved by 70,000 families, receiving a Parent Tested Parent Approved award in the process.

Each year, thousands of people go missing while they are traveling. Over the last two decades, more than four million people have gone missing globally. Understandably, missing relatives leave behind a great many distressed family members. Now, Family Locator and Flight Tracker are bringing peace of mind to people all over the world by providing real time information about people’s whereabouts, whether travelling by land, sea or air.

“Family Locator is an invaluable tool for families looking to stay connected,” Štencl continues. “Sygic is proud to offer our customers the most innovative family GPS application on the market, an unbeatable solution for ensuring affordable safety for children of any age.”