Sygic Incorporates Augmented Reality Into Its GPS Navigation App

28. 06. 2017

Advanced gps navigation app Sygic today announces its new augmented reality (AR) feature. More than 200 million Sygic users worldwide can engage with AR for an improved navigation experience on the road.

Sygic’s new AR feature uses a smartphone’s GPS and camera to implement an augmented reality-powered GPS navigation system. With the AR feature, the driver no longer needs to follow a map on their phone. Instead, they’re guided by a virtual path on the smartphone camera preview.

In this, the AR feature is not only intuitive but it’s also safer than traditional navigation apps. Drivers can rest assured they won’t miss anything crucial on roads or highways, as the real-time camera preview enables them to check conditions on the screen without impacting driving safety.

“We are so pleased to make Sygic’s AR feature available to users around the world. We understand the value of bringing the latest technology features into Sygic GPS Navigation, and to bringing smart life to your device,” said Sygic’s CEO Michal Stencl “However our new AR capability isn’t just a shiny new tool. Whether you’re in the car with your loved-ones, friends or by yourself, the AR featured is designed promote the highest form of road safety.”

AR feature called Real View Navigation is available for all Android and iOS users as in app purchase for only 9,99 EUR.

According to a 2015 Pew Research Center study, 67 percent of smartphone users surveyed said they occasionally use their phones for turn-by-turn navigation while driving. Even more, 31 percent said they frequently use navigation apps.

Described as one of the world’s most successful apps by the BBC, Sygic is truly the leader in navigation today. “Sygic’s philosophy is to explore the boundaries of navigation, and we look forward to bringing more revolutionary tools and features to users later in 2017.”