Sygic Helps Increase Driving Safety With A Unique Gamified Driver Scoring Algorithm

25. 04. 2019

Driver Scoring is integrated into the Sygic SDK, detects distracted driving or speeding, rewards drivers for safe behavior on the road and can contribute to the goal set by European Commission to reduce road fatalities by 50 percent by 2030.

Sygic, the company trusted by millions of drivers globally, is joining efforts with O2 Slovakia to contribute to road safety by using its unique technology. The mobile operator with more than 2 million customers is releasing a new version of a free application with integrated navigation, which rewards drivers for safe behavior on the road with free data.

The SDK with Driver Scoring algorithm, developed by Sygic measures current speed and detects if the driver uses a mobile phone, with no additional hardware needed. Based on these two variables, it calculates the final score. The higher it is, the better the chance to get the reward. If drivers complete 10 trips in one month, with at least 150 kilometers and score 81 points out of 100, they will get 1 gigabyte of free mobile data.

“With over 2,3 million registered passenger cars in Slovakia, O2’s wide customer base and a campaign involving popular social media influencers in Slovakia, we believe that this integration of our technology will widely contribute to the road safety on the national level,” explains Sygic VP for Enterprise Solutions in Sygic Jozef Klinovsky.

„By giving gamified feedback to the drivers in real time, Driver Scoring can significantly reduce risky behavior on the road, including speeding and distraction,” he added.

Sygic also offers the Driver Scoring algorithm as a separate SDK tailored for smartphone use and can detect up to three additional types of behavior including acceleration, braking, and cornering. Additionally, it can be easily integrated into any fleet or workforce management solution or used as a gamification and rewarding component in consumer apps developed by insurance, mobile or automotive companies.

„As a mobile operator, we naturally want our clients to use our services as much as possible. However, we don't want to put their lives at risk unnecessarily by using smartphones while driving. Our goal is to make public driving safer by highlighting the fact that using smartphones while driving is dangerous and can have serious life consequences,“ said O2 Slovakia CEO, Peter Gazik.

According to the study, issued by the European Commission, distracted driving is responsible for up to 30 percent of all accidents in the European Union. „All road users will benefit from reduced distraction in other drivers, as this will result in them having less risk of being involved in accidents with distracted third parties,“ discloses the study.

The European Union recorded 25.100 road fatalities last year. Additionally, for each person killed in traffic accidents, about five more suffered from serious injuries with life-changing consequences. Passenger cars were involved in 49 percent of accidents.

“We are ready to supply and further develop our technology to help achieve the goal set in the new policy framework for road safety 2021-2030 by the European Commission to reduce the number of road deaths in the European Union by 50 percent between 2020 and 2030,” said Klinovsky.

The demo version of the Driver Scoring algorithm is available for testing on request from the dedicated Sygic web page.