Fuelio Introduced its Premium Cost-Saving Features for Planning Fill-ups on the Route Smarter

22. 06. 2023

A widely used Android app for fuel logging and mileage tracking, Fuelio by Sygic, has introduced a premium package of features. In addition to the existing free version and crowdsourced fuel prices, users now have the option to subscribe and access advanced functionalities. These include planning routes with preferred stations based on various criteria and generating detailed route reports. These new features provide additional value for efficient route planning, considering the driver's preferences and the car's specifications.

Starting June 2023, Fuelio users can now use a new range of paid functionalities, marking the first time in the app's ten-year history. However, Fuelio remains dedicated to keeping its popular features completely free of charge, ad-free, and ensuring the non-collection of any user data. "We are fully committed to enhancing the app's user experience, and we assure you that no existing features are being restricted to premium users," affirms Adrian Kajda, the product manager of the Fuelio app.

Powered by Sygic routing algorithms, the all-new Route Planning Tool shows all fuel stations along the route, accompanied by advanced filtering options. Users can now access detailed information regarding fuel prices at each station along the route, including average prices per country or specific station brands. Additionally, the tool can suggest suitable stops based on the vehicle's range. Furthermore, drivers can generate detailed reports for planned routes, incorporating essential details such as distance, estimated arrival time (ETA), expense reports, total fuel requirements, and personalized stop recommendations.

Fuelio has achieved remarkable popularity as a globally recognized gas finder and vehicle management application, catering to users in over 40 languages. Amidst the pandemic, it enabled in-app fill-up payments to allow social distancing and save time for its users. In early 2022, a substantial surge in fuel prices prompted car and fleet owners to actively seek out the most cost-effective fuel sources, the number of Fuelio daily users increased by 75% on average, and the YoY app downloads multiplied sixfold.

A yearly Premium subscription to Fuelio is available for cca. 9€, with a 3-day trial.