Sygic is Launching World's First Navigation With Integrated Payment for Charging

06. 05. 2020

The company is adding to its flagship navigation Sygic GPS Navigation Electric Vehicle Mode (EV Mode) solving the charging and range anxiety of the electric car drivers. Planning the route with compatible charging points, processing payments without installing or using any other additional applications and getting real-time data from the stations was never as easy as now with Sygic.

Sygic, the mobile navigation vendor, trusted by more than 200-million drivers globally is the member of CharIN Association which is leading the charging standardization such as the deployment of the CCS connector (Combined Charging Standard).

Sygic has unveiled as the first company in the segment dedicated “Electric Vehicle Mode” with fully integrated services for charging.

Any user can activate the EV mode for free, it allows drivers of electric vehicles to pick or add their car model from the extensive database of electric and plug-in hybrid cars with predefined specifications including battery and charging capacity, average consumption and connector type. Users can also adjust all parameters based on their real-life experience.

All without the need to install or register in any other application.

"Our objective was to introduce a hassle-free and convenient charging experience for any type of driver using an electric car. Just activate the EV Mode and we do all the planning for you, "said Sygic's vice president for electromobility Petr Fuzek.

"The drivers add the charging point as a waypoint to the navigation, check if it has a free spot, select payment method and charge. While for example enjoying a coffee in a nearby place, they will receive a push notification that the battery charging has reached a certain level and can pay for the service right away," Fuzek explained.

Earlier this year, Sygic has announced a partnership with Europe's largest charging network provider - Plugsurfing with over 150,000 points in 38 countries.

The release of the EV Mode is part of Sygic's long term strategy becoming the leader in electric mobility with an open platform integrating leading charging service providers around the world and with the dedicated features tackling range and charging anxiety.

Fuzek thinks that the global pandemics of COVID-19 and the economic “restart” after the crisis "will accelerate the political and social demand for an ecological and sustainable future."

"We believe that after the recovery, we will experience a drop in new car sales, but at the same time, the market share of electric vehicles will continuously increase over the next months,” he added.

In the future, Sygic plans to add even more dedicated features for electric vehicles and create all-in-one driving assistant, helping users to know the exact range in long trips by considering driving style, outside weather conditions, traffic, and other influencing factors, and make the transition from combustion engine cars even easier for them.

The Electric Vehicle Mode for Sygic GPS Navigation is available for free to everyone. Sygic will later this year announce another significant feature for electric vehicles based on cooperation with selected car manufacturers, which will address the range anxiety by advanced routing algorithms tailored specifically for electromobility.

Petr Fuzek has described the company technology in his latest white paper on electromobility The Dawn of ePower: How to successfully tackle the challenge of range anxiety in electric vehicles and conquer the mass market.