9 Breathtaking Views From Around the World

14. 08. 2017 · 4 min read

You haven’t really seen a place if you have no idea what it looks like from above! Check this Sygic Travel ultimate selection of 9 stunning views from around the world and never forget to climb the nearest mountain or take the elevator up the tallest building anywhere you travel.

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View of the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
If you are planning a trip to Paris, you were probably considering climbing up the Eiffel Tower to see the city from above. But what about some better views with the Eiffel Tower included? Sygic Travel recommends you to visit the Montparnasse Tower instead. This 210 metres tall skyscraper has perfect views from its 56th floor from which you can see as far as 40 kilometres. The tower is open after sunset too, when the Eiffel tower is illuminated.

View of the Bakong Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia
A beautiful 9th century temple that is often missed. Its architecture suggests that cultural exchange was happening between the Khmer Empire and Java because Bakong looks very similar to Borobudur - a temple in Java. Check it out from a hot air balloon flight like our Sygic Traveler did.

View of the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia
The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest coral reef system composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands covering approximately 344,400 square kilometres. You can explore this breathtaking structure made by living organisms either diving or from a boat, but also from the air. This natural wonder is definitely worth the helicopter tour.

View of Dubai, United Arab Emirates
If you are scared of flying or not thrilled by the idea of climbing up hills, visit Dubai. The city is known for its ultramodern architecture and its 829.8 m skyscraper. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and you can use the fastest double-deck elevator in the world to get to the top of it, effort free. The views are magnificent. Check the Sygic Travel 360° video before going.

View of the Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada / New York, USA
An absolute must-see from the air. Dividing the US and Canada, these world-famous falls are simply breathtaking. Take a 20-minute helicopter tour and enjoy unsurpassed panoramic views.

View of Hong Kong, China
Providing stunning views of all of Hong Kong, especially the Victoria Harbour, this 60-metre tall Ferris wheel opened in 2014. It features 42 gondolas, each accommodating eight passengers.

View of Central Park, New York, USA
Central Park is the largest park in New York City and with its 843 acres, it is even bigger than some countries (e.g. Monaco or Vatican). It was opened to the public in 1858. You can get a good view of the park from the Rockefeller Center but you will definitely get the best one from a helicopter.

View of Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona has several places with breathtaking views. If you are confident about your physical condition, you can challenge yourself and ride a bike to the top Tibidabo, the tallest peak of the Serra de Collserola mountain range. If you are fine with more modest but still marvelous views, you can take a less challenging climb to the Turó de la Rovira hill. Check the 360° video made by Sygic Traveler.

View of Bangkok, Thailand
Get some whiskey or beer on the 64th floor of the State Tower. You'll have a moment to remember for the rest of your life! The Sky Bar, supposedly the best bar in the city, is one of the highest rooftop bars in the world, situated 250 meters (820 ft) above the ground.

Written by Simona Pecková