One Day in Tel Aviv

24. 04. 2018 · 3 min read

Tel Aviv is Israel's second largest city: modern, youthful and vibrant. Its UNESCO-designated Bauhaus architecture gave the place its nickname 'White City' and is Tel Aviv’s major draw, as well as the historic port of Jaffa.

Immerse yourself in Tel Aviv

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Top places

Begin your day in Tel Aviv at the city’s beautiful beach. It is in fact a series of various individual sand beaches which are wonderful for a morning swim before tourists from the nearby hotels pour in. The Old Jaffa Port is actually one of the oldest ports in the world; so old that you can read about it in biblical stories. Continue to Jaffa Kedumim Square which is located in the heart of Old Jaffa and is known for its lovely cafés. Be sure to also notice the beautiful zodiac fountain located here as well as the imposing church dedicated to St. Peter.

Next, move to the Abrasha Park, where you can enjoy a lovely stroll as well as a striking view of the city and the sea. Don’t miss the sculpture of The Gate of Faith with biblical motifs carved into it. From the park, you can continue to the Rothschild Boulevard which is one of the main streets of Tel Aviv. With various coffee kiosks and top restaurants lining the street, it makes for a pleasant walk. Also visit the Habima Square, a striking new plaza with a theatre, an auditorium and an exhibition space.

Good to know

As mentioned above, the area surrounding the Habima Square is called the White City. It has the largest density of Bauhaus buildings in the world (there are more than 4000 of them), which puts it on the UNESCO list. Architecture lovers should make sure to visit the Bauhaus Center in the area.

Where to shop & eat

Visit the Carmel Market. It is the biggest marketplace in Tel Aviv and it’s a place full of fresh produce, street food and bargains. It’s also home to high-quality restaurants serving traditional Israeli cuisine. Another place to go shopping is Neve Tzedek, the first Jewish neighborhood outside Jaffa. This area is home to a variety of little boutiques, small galleries and picturesque alleys.

Allenby Street is another area known for its bustling life. Stores of every kind line this street and the goods are quite cheap. During the day, the main attractions of the street are the shops, but after the sun sets, it is the nightlife that makes it interesting. Don’t miss the food market selling both local and international meals. It stays open long into the night so don’t worry that you would go hungry while exploring this area. The market on Nachlat Binyamin street is a long, pedestrian only boulevard, crammed with artists, rundown buildings, and cafes. Be sure to come on a Tuesday or Friday, as on those days there is a festival of arts and crafts there.

Give it a try

The Mediterranean Coast boasts ideal conditions for surfing. It is a popular pastime here all year round, since the water temperature never drops too low and there are plenty of surfing facilities. If you dare to surf, go ahead! If not, try jogging or cycling at the Tel Aviv promenade. The whole length of this promenade is paved and flat. It also provides an easy access to the beaches and is a popular sunset-watching spot.

Written by SV