One Day in Venice

25. 01. 2018 · 3 min read

Venice in Italy is definitely one-of-a-kind. Where else would you find a city on water? Its location gives it a unique and a bit mysterious character. And the ubiquitous bridges and churches also make it very romantic. The city centre makes you feel like if you travelled back to the times of Casanova - probably the very best-known citizen of Venice.

Whether you arrive in Venice by car or bus, Piazzale Roma is usually the first square that you get to see. From now on, it’s either on foot or by boat. The main and the most famous square of Venice is always bustling with life. If you want to see St. Mark's Square from above, trip planner Sygic Travel recommends you to climb to the top of the Campanile.

Rialto Bridge was originally built in 1181. It was repeatedly replaced by new bridges until it reached its present-day form in 1591. Once it was finished, many people thought it would collapse as its predecessors did. So far it lasts and remains one of the most popular sights of the city. Rialto Market is a great place to visit if you want to buy some vegetables, fruit or fish. It has been a busy marketplace since the 11th century.

The City State of Venice was once a rich and important place and therefore the seat of its government and the residence of the elected Doge is quite spectacular. Walk down the promenade that starts by the Doge’s Palace and ends by the Arsenal. There are many cafés located alongside it so you can rest and enjoy the view.

By far the prettiest view of the city is from the water. Gondolas and boats in general are historically the main means of transport in Venice and a popular tourist attraction. Even today, most of the city is a pedestrian zone with no cars allowed. You can take a ferry, a water taxi or even a water bus when travelling around though. Cruising down the Grand Canal under the beautiful bridges gives you a fancy and comfortable opportunity to enjoy the serene atmosphere of traffic-free Venice.

If you’re lucky enough to visit the city during its colorful masquerades and carnivals, you will be up for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Undoubtedly one of the most famous carnivals in the world and the biggest event in Venice is the Venice Carnival (Carnevale di Venezia). It starts every January. The glamour of it all will make you wish you lived in a different time period. Make sure you bring home one of the traditional masks as a souvenir.

Basilica dei Frari is one of the oldest and largest churches of this municipality, and contains priceless artworks from famous artists such as Titian. It took over a hundred years to build it; the works were finished around the year 1440. Even though the gothic exterior is rather plain, the interior makes up for it. Continute to Ponte dell'Accademia. This wooden bridge belongs among the four Venetian bridges spanning the Grand Canal, offering what is supposedly the greatest view in the city, looking along the canal.

Visit also San Trovaso Square. It is actually a shipyard, which has been making and fixing gondolas, pupparinis, sandolos and other traditional Venetian ships since the 17th century. Your one day in Venice will end on the Burano Island. Apart from the colourful picturesque houses, it is also famous for lace-making which has a long history on the island, dating back to the 16th century. Lace is therefore one of the most popular souvenirs sold here. You can also visit the factories and see how it is made.

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