Navigating the Future of Electric Trucks: Overcoming Range Anxiety

16. 05. 2023 · 2 min read

The future of electric trucks is looking bright as more and more companies are investing in creating trucks and vans solely powered by electricity. But with any new technology, there are challenges to overcome. In the case of electric trucks, navigation, range anxiety, and challenges with EV stations powerful enough are some of the main obstacles that need to be addressed.

Despite the challenges, the shift to electric trucks is inevitable.

At Sygic, we see ourselves as enablers of the electric truck revolution. We provide solutions that show the infrastructure and navigate EV vehicles to it.

Tackling range anxiety with navigation

Tackling range anxiety is a significant challenge for electric trucks and other large-sized vehicles. With their heavy weight and high energy demands, these vehicles require a robust and reliable navigation system to optimize their routes, minimize energy consumption, and ensure they can reach their destinations on time.

Sygic navigation is a cutting-edge navigation system designed specifically for commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses, and other large-sized vehicles. It offers a range of features that help drivers and fleet managers overcome range anxiety and optimize their driving experience. In line with the growing trend towards electromobility, Sygic has also dedicated significant efforts to develop advanced navigation solutions tailored to the unique needs of electric trucks, providing real-time information on charging stations, optimal routes, and other essential data to support efficient and reliable transportation in the era of electric mobility.

One of the key features of Sygic is its real-time traffic information system. By monitoring the latest traffic updates, the system can automatically adjust the route to avoid congestion and reduce energy consumption. This not only helps drivers save time on the road, but also minimizes the risk of running out of battery power.

In addition, Sygic navigation can provide accurate and up-to-date information on charging stations and battery levels, allowing drivers to plan their routes and charging stops accordingly. With detailed information on charging times, power levels, and availability, drivers can avoid long waits at charging stations and ensure they have enough power to reach their destination.

Another important feature is its advanced route optimization capabilities. By taking into account factors such as vehicle weight, height, and length, the system can calculate the most efficient route for each trip, taking into account the vehicle's energy consumption and battery range.

By utilizing data from the vehicle itself, the navigation software can provide real-time information on vehicle performance and energy usage, allowing for more accurate predictions of battery life and range.

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Written by Martin Elexa