Sygic and IT4Innovations Unveil Smart City Traffic Computation Platform at ITS Congress in Lisbon

22. 05. 2023

The EVEREST Project, funded by the Horizon 2020 EU Programme, is set to revolutionize municipality traffic control with its cutting-edge AI processing platform. Developed by project partners Sygic and IT4Innovations, the Smart City Traffic Computation Platform will be showcased at the ITS Congress in Lisbon this week, offering visitors a glimpse into its immense potential. Next year, the platform will be available for city lab testing.

The main challenges municipal traffic management faces are traffic congestion caused by increased vehicles on the roads, incidents, closures, and road infrastructure maintenance. The Smart City Traffic Computation Platform addresses these challenges by collecting and processing traffic data and navigating drivers in a way aligned with city policies, thereby ensuring balanced road loads, reduced emissions, and enhanced safety for drivers and residents alike.

As the product owner, Sygic collaborates with IT4Innovations, the provider of the accelerated traffic-simulator module, to develop this innovative platform. The platform offers comprehensive traffic views and predictions obtained through processing real-time and historical traffic data from floating car data and road sensors. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with car navigation devices, thereby facilitating optimal traffic orchestration for smoother journeys.

Cities with populations exceeding one million will particularly benefit from this traffic computation platform, as it leverages the diversity of routing options and easily justifies the supercomputing costs. “Each city can now have its own navigation system optimizing drivers’ commutes according to unique city policies for emission and RCI zones. Cities can also make informed decisions by way of what-if analyses for road, bridge, or tunnel closures or restrictions and when planning new road infrastructure development,” explained Radim Cmar, Solution Architect from Sygic.

Prospective clients are invited to explore the capabilities of the new traffic computation platform at the ITS Congress in Lisbon. Representatives from Sygic and IT4Innovations will be available for consultations at the A11 stand in the Lisbon Congress Centre from Monday, 22 May to Wednesday, 24 May.