Sygic Announced Pre-Launch of Easy-to-Integrate Driver Scoring SDK for Fleet Drivers

26. 03. 2019

The adoption of driver behavior telemetry in fleet drivers may decrease incidents by 87 percent and maintenance by 30 percent

Sygic, the GPS navigation vendor trusted by more than a million professional drivers globally, has unveiled a new Driver Scoring SDK for fleets. The novelty works offline and is easy-to-integrate into existing solutions, including mobile apps and fleet management, without any additional hardware costs.

To achieve the best accuracy, Sygic technology uses smartphones sensors including GPS position and accelerometer. Based on this data, the unique algorithm analyzes the driver’s behavior behind the wheel in real time and reflect it to the driver score. Each trip is registered automatically, with no additional driver interaction needed.

“What is unique about our technology is that it gives advice to the drivers at the same time they make the mistake. Additionally, the score is stored and can be later evaluated by their company to collect rewards or create monthly charts of best drivers,” said Sygic VP for Enterprise Solutions in Sygic Jozef Klinovsky. “We believe, that positively motivated drivers make lesser mistakes, resulting in fewer accidents and better car longevity,” he added.

Driver scoring uses five variables to calculate the score – speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, and distraction level. Each event is recorded in the route report and streamlined directly to the driver.

Cut maintenance costs
Reflecting the trend where fleet and workforce management solutions rely more and more on mobile apps, Sygic offers an industry-grade solution that is tailored for the smartphone environment. Compared to costly hardware solutions for driver behavior monitoring, app implementation represents an important competitive advantage against other solutions in the market.

“We have worked closely with the drivers themselves and companies with fleets. What we understood is that they expect the driver scoring solution to be flexible, easy-to-integrate into other apps without any further investments into additional hardware like black boxes or other devices,“ said Klinovsky.

According to the case study Driving for Work, the adoption of driver behavior telemetry in fleets delivers a return on investment within eight months. Companies which used driver scoring recorded a decrease of incidents by 87 percent and maintenance by 30 percent.

The demo version of Driving Scoring telemetry is available for testing on request from dedicated Sygic web page.

The full release of the SDK for iOS and Android is scheduled for April.

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