Vote for Sygic’s Collaborative Routing Algorithm as the Europe’s Best Early Stage Innovation 2018

06. 11. 2018

The intelligent routing algorithm uses the power of the supercomputer to calculate the routes for all drivers in a city towards a global flow optimum and can cut off up to 30 percent of the travel time in heavy traffic conditions

European Commission has nominated Sygic, GPS navigation vendor, trusted by more than 200-million users, on Best Early Stage Innovation for its sophisticated Collaborative routing algorithm. The intelligent solution is leveraging the power of IT4Innovations supercomputer to calculate optimal route distribution potentially for all drivers in a city and save up to 30 percent of travel time daily in the traffic. Support Sygic by voting on European Commission website.

„Our algorithm is like a living organism. It can dynamically adapt the route for tens of thousands cars simultaneously and in a coordinated way, according to the actual situation on the road,“ said project lead Radim Cmar from Sygic. „This includes planned or unexpected traffic events such as closures or accidents, and the roads’ capacities,“ he added.

The project Antarex, funded by the European Union’s, helped Sygic to create solid foundations of revolutionary product with the potential to change the way of car commuting in the cities around the world.

„We envision pilot deployment for cities, whereas we already started to negotiate with municipalities of Milano, Ostrava, and Vienna,“ said Cmar. The solution is aimed to improve the quality of life in the cities. „By reducing travel times and emissions,“ he explained.

Sygic is a devoted supporter of Europe’s plan to build 300 smart cities by the end of 2019. With its unique routing algorithms, developed in coordination with IT4Innovations, it can address the current biggest challenges of European cities including air pollution and traffic. In Slovakia, the company co-founded I Want My City Smart initiative, which helps local municipalities to integrate smart solutions.

The Innovation Radar is a European Commision initiative to identify high potential innovations and innovators in research funded by European Union and innovation projects. The public is invited to vote for their favorite innovators and pick 20 finalists.