New APIs for Sygic navigation Workmates feature

26. 01. 2015 · 2 min read

In the latest development to Sygic navigation SDK we introduced 15 new APIs for workmates functionality that allows mutual visibility of vehicles and other co-workers positions directly on the navigation screen while navigating.


This helps them work even more efficiently as it simplifies the coordination and the communication among them. This feature can be used by taxi companies that are able to cover the whole area of the city and serve customers even faster. Or it can be used to save seconds when heading to emergency events and accidents is crucial for police, firemen and rescue force teams.

Workmates functionality is simple yet very flexible. In general – each device is sending location information to your server and the server sends location of all workmates to the device workmates database. The device then displays the workmates on the navigation screen.

The decision which workmates are displayed, who will see whom, categorization of workmates or any other usage (even unpredicted by us) can be achieved by an integration implementation of this feature

Sygic Workmates Library

The Workmates functionality is enabled by use of Workmates Library provided as dll/dlls.

The Workmates functionality is woven into navigation for an easy access and convenient visualization on Sygic map.

Workmates are injected into and managed inside navigation via a set of API calls, thus providing the means for a partner application to gain full control on workmates’ visualization per device from partners’ database system.

The Workmate API actually assumes the external system maintains the positioning of workmates, while it synchronizes the state with Sygic navigation over Workmate API.

There is a significant difference between Sygic SDK library and Sygic Workmates library in that that the Workmates API calls can be used even without navigation running.
For API References, click here

The library is supported for the following OS platforms:

-WindowsCE ARM.

And the following programming environments:
-Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 for .NET application for WindowsCE
-Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 for .CPP application for WindowsCE
-Visual Studio 2005 or higher for .NET applications for WindowsXP
Workmates require navigation version Sygic Fleet 2D release 15h build 00179 or newer.
More info about configuration, examples and Operation details are available here.
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Sygic SDK Documentation
We have recently also improved the SDK documentation available on adding

Free Sygic navigation SDK trial is available here.

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