Installation of 3D Navigation


You can install the navigation and sdk simply by running msi installer.
You can find the installer inside the navigation+sdk package, which you receive either from your sales representative or through our contact form.
Our supported Windows platform are WindowsXP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and the installation procedure is the same for all of them.


Download the navigation+sdk package zip with our Contact form. Make sure Windows 10 as Operating system is selected in the contact form.
You will receive the download link to your email in few seconds.

The package contains:

  • Navigation application inside the folder Navigation/
  • SDK library for application development inside the folder SDK/Lib
  • Demo application source code inside the folder SDK/Examples

After downloading please unzip it locally on your computer. It should look as follows:


Installation of Navigation

Basically you only need to run installation through SygicTruck.msi on your target Windows device.
The installer makes sure that:

  • the navigation Truck.exe will be installed appropriately into a system folder for easy install/uninstall management,
    by default into c:\Program Files\Sygic\Sygic Truck Navigation\bin\Truck.exe.
  • the drivers (ApplicationAPI.dll and sdkdriver.dll) are placed into appropriate system folders,
    by default into c:\Windows\System32

Storage on device

The installation will generate the following file set on your device, by default on the c:\Program Files\Sygic\Sygic Truck Navigation path.

Sygic Truck Navigation\

The maps folder gets automatically populated once you activate the license and select a map download through the application menu Settings -> Manage maps.

Installation of SDK library

The donwloaded package contains the Lib folder with the ApplicationAPI.NET.dll file necessary to include into your project for successful compilation.

Activating the navigation

After installation you have 14-days trial period.
If you purchased licenses for commercial usage the navigation needs to be activated according to an agreed mechanism.
The following activation scenarios are supported: