World-Leaders in Fleet Management Software and Commercial GPS Navigation Team Up to Improve Long-Haul Trucker Safety

28. 07. 2016

Sygic, creators of the most advanced navigation app, has teamed up with Forward Thinking Systems, the standard in vehicle and asset tracking software, to streamline compliance for fleets while improving the safety of long-haul truck drivers with Rest Stop Planning.

This partnership offers a technological solution that minimizes the possibility of sleepless drivers attempting to reach far off rest stops while in violation of their duty status. The potentially lifesaving feature automatically suggests suitable rest areas for drivers through a GPS navigation interface based on their hours logged and estimated time of arrival.

Rest Stop Planning, developed by Sygic, is the latest addition to Forward Thinking’s vehicle operator app, Field Warrior. Field Warrior is a fully FMCSA Compliant Electronic Logging Device (ELD) that combines GPS tracking, dispatching, navigation, forms, signature capture, and more, into a single easy to use interface. Field Warrior is the companion app to Forward Thinking’s advanced web-based solution that offers its customers a single portal to monitor and manage all aspects of their vehicles and assets.

By allowing Field Warrior to strategically manage and plan rest stops, Forward Thinking and Sygic hope to reduce cases of driver fatigue – a top contributor to trucking accidents. Driver fatigue leads to temporary episodes of unconsciousness known as microsleep, resulting in over 1,500 deaths and 40,000 injuries a yearin the United States alone. Just three seconds of microsleep while driving at 65 miles per hour is enough time to travel the length of a football field.

“Sygic’s mission to improve road safety has come another step forward with our new partnership with Forward Thinking Systems,” says Sygic Business Solutions Director, Martin Strigac. “Well-rested drivers are of the utmost importance to ensuring roads are safer for motorists of trucks and cars alike. This new integration will help truck drivers get the rest they need, thus improving safety for all in the process.”

“Our partnership with Sygic provides a new level of safety and compliance for fleets in an increasingly digital industry,” says Forward Thinking Systems’ CEO, David Isler. “At Forward Thinking, we’re dedicated to bringing our customers the latest innovations in fleet tracking and management. The opportunity to make roads safer for everyone while reducing risk of non-compliance for drivers was an easy decision.”

About Sygic Business Solutions:
Sygic Business Solutions is a specialized division of Sygic Company, the developer of the most advanced navigation app, trusted by 130+ million drivers worldwide. We focus on developing Professional navigation with SDK and other solutions for customers in fields of transportation, logistics, mobile workforce, automotive, utilities, emergency and communal services.
Sygic Business Solutions offers an advanced and highly customizable product portfolio based on Sygic turn-by-turn offline voice guided navigation. Every day Sygic navigates over 250 000 professional drivers in 110+ countries.

About Forward Thinking Systems:
Forward Thinking Systems is a worldwide provider of asset tracking and fleet management software. Our customers benefit from real-time tracking and analytics, reducing their overall cost-per-mile while remaining compliant with FMCSA regulations and distracted driving laws.
Forward Thinking’s affordable fleet management solution delivers real-time GPS, dispatching, two-way messaging, driver scorecards, electronic driver logs, commercial navigation, live video, customizable forms, and more – all within a single web-based portal accessible from any modern web browser.