WEBINAR: Driver Scoring SDK Integration

Integrate Driver Scoring into your app and start creating driver scoreboards in 4 easy steps

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What will you learn in this webinar



How app-based driver scoring with automatic trip recognition works?


Integration options

Add driver scoring functionality into brand-new mobile app or update an existing one


Coding example

Coding Android or iOS app and using Rest API in 4 steps.

Use your fleet management apps to create drivers’ scoreboards

This webinar explains Sygic app-based driver scoring SDK with automatic trip recognition, allowing fleets to create driver scoreboards without costly hardware implementation.

We will be explaining how to use driving style data recorded from Sygic Professional Navigation using an API service, or from 3rd party apps and fleet management solutions using Sygic Driver Scoring SDK.

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In the webinar recording, Sygic’s solution architect, Radim Cmar, explains how our new Driver Scoring SDK works, its features, how to integrate it and how to use recorded driving style data.