Travel Faster with Lifetime Traffic Information

01. 07. 2016 · 2 min read

Whether you are headed to your summer vacation destination or just to the office in the morning, the time wasted in traffic will definitely not improve your mood. Being stuck in traffic is just frustrating and it is bad for the planet, too, since it means using a lot more fuel than necessary. Fortunately, there is a solution to this eternal problem.

You no longer have to waste your precious time in traffic jams. Rely on the most advanced navigation and stop worrying about the traffic situation. Whether it's an accident or roadworks – you will simply elude any problem on the road. All you need is Sygic Premium + Traffic Lifetime license, Internet connection and unnecessary traffic delays will be a thing of the past.

Traffic information is a very important part of navigation, as it allows to improve the calculated route based on the current situation. It is critical to plan your route, to know how much time you will need to get there and to enhance your overall experience. Sygic offers exceptional Premium + Traffic license for Europe or the entire World, which gives you accurate traffic information based on data from TomTom HD Traffic.
The best route to your destination is optimized while you are driving, based on real-time traffic information, which is updated every two minutes. When there is a new delay on the route, you will automatically receive a faster route suggestion. All you need to do is confirm the new route and accurate voice guidance will guide you to your destination in the best possible time.

Now you can get the Premium + Traffic license with lifetime access to traffic information for a very special summer price. Everything you need for safe and fast navigation in one super-value package.

So what will you get with your Premium + Traffic license?
• Voice guided navigation
• 3D offline maps from TomTom
• Free map updates
• Dynamic lane assistant which shows you the right lane to drive in
Parking place suggestions with info about availability and price
• Junction View which highlights highway exits
• Speed limit warnings if you start speeding
Gas prices
• Speed camera warnings
• Warnings if you are going too fast into a sharp turn
• Real-time Traffic with faster route suggestions, based on data from TomTom HD Traffic

Pay just once and enjoy all the benefits forever - no further expenses, no yearly payments. Take advantage of our special offer.

Written by Dominika Majchrakova