Why a Mobile Navigation App is a Better Choice than Embedded Car Navigation System

05. 02. 2021 · 2 min read

There are three possibilities of using a GPS navigation in a car: as a smartphone app fixed to a car dashboard or windshield, as an app mirrored from your cell phone to a car display via car connectivity, or as an embedded car navigation system.

Apple allowed 3rd party app developers to join their CarPlay platform as long ago as 2018, when iPhone users could connect, e.g., Sygic, to their car’s infotainment system. Google announced the first car apps available for users this year, whereby broadening the countries' list is also discussed. As an early access partner, Sygic is getting ready for launch on Android Auto in the following months. Why look forward to this milestone?

Mobile display vs. car screen
Mirroring apps on a car display is much safer since you can use them intuitively and without being distracted by a cell phone. For navigation, the main benefit is the greater size of a car display and a better user experience. It is easier to control the app, read any texts or signs better, hear navigation commands clearly via car stereo. Finally, no trace of any device is on a windshield.

You can open your favorite apps with a single tap on a car display. Talking about navigation on Android Auto, Google Assistant is ready to “search“ or “navigate“ to any articulated address if navigation is the last opened app.

Mobile app vs. car embedded system
Compared to in-vehicle navigations, the mobile navigation app on Android Auto (or CarPlay) car connectivity remains the best solution also because of these down-to-earth reasons:

1. Free lifetime regular map updates
Paying extra for a car integrated navigation and then spending money for a map update in a car service doesn't seem attractive. With a mobile app, anyone can update the maps easily and wherever.

2. Up to date with the newest technologies
It is not a secret that apps go with the times severalfold faster than embedded car systems, following user experience trends, and are always compatible with the newest mobile devices and car types.

3. One navigation app for any car
Whether using your vehicle, a shared or rented one, with a mobile app, you have your maps, favorite routes, or POIs always with you.

4. One special pro of Sygic: you can’t get lost
Sygic includes offline maps, so you don’t need to be afraid of traveling via rural areas, mountains, or tunnels or spending any mobile data for reaching your goal.

Sygic, used by more than 200 million drivers worldwide, continually finetunes and broadens its features and brings innovative add-ons. By opening the Android Auto platform, Sygic becomes the best navigation solution on the market and one of the much-awaited drivers’ highlights this year.

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Written by Zuzana Kacanova