AIS Advanced Infodata Systems GmbH

Founded in 1997, AIS GmbH is one of the market leaders in professional telematics solutions for medium-sized transportation companies. AIS offers track´n´trace with a comprehensive order management including shipment processing and documentation. Furthermore AIS offers telematics: navigation and positioning of vehicles. It also offers driving time monitoring and detailed driving style analysis. AIS is a system house and offers turnkey solutions consisting of software and devices at competitive and affordable prices.

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Product Name

Ais:scan - Scanner based solution for parcel distribution

Ais:mobile - PDA based solution for truckload shipment and services

About Product

AIS supplies a comprehensive scanner-solution for carrying out logistics operations as required by your in-house-system. The AIS-System interfaces with all important in-house-systems in Northern Europe. The AIS-System scans all goods collected or delivered by your trucks, and even depot operations. The scanning is documented with signature and possible photo of damages or location. Further, it keeps track of your containers and boxes, documenting their delivery & collection. The scanner solution work-flow helps the driver work easily even at his 1st trip.

Further, AIS supplies a PDA-based solution for long-haul shipments, courier, wholesale and service markets. This cost-efficient solution works with any Android device and enables you to keep track of your shipments or service operations. By a tip of the finger, the driver can confirm delivery of shipments with signature, photo and stamp of time and geo-coordinate. The data immediately flows back in your in-house-system.

AIS telematics include truck positioning and all CANBus-Data. Further, AIS delivers analysis of driver behaviors, rating the best drivers. The AIS system even indicates how much each driver may legally continue, according to the new stringent EU set of rules.

About Sygic integration

The Sygic navigation solution is available on all AIS terminals (scanners and PDAs). With a tip of the finger - no address entry necessary - the driver will get automatically guided to the next location, be it for pick-up or delivery. AIS offers both car and truck navigation.


  • Local distribution and delivery
  • Long haul transport and logistics
  • Utilities, mobile service and maintenance
  • Waste removal and road cleaning

Supported countries

  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Russia