Ubidata’s added value goes beyond its pioneering product range. On top of developing and commercializing fast evolving high-end software and hardware for the fleet and logistic industry, it offers a full range package of services and assists its clients in every step of the process: from analyzing their unique fleet situation and offering advice on the most optimal approach for improving their productivity to the seamless integration into their back-offices.

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Ubidata offers a multilingual PDA solution with tailor-made software to help drivers, track parcels in real-time and automate the mobile logistic tasks.

UBILogistic automatically manages the freight content, indicates anomalies in deliveries (damaged pallets, wrong content…), allows communication between drivers and dispatching, positions all actions and manages the subcontractors

The solid PDA itself is specifically designed to fit the harsh environment of the transport and logistical industry and offers data persistence in case of damage

Each drivers has its own device which allows for real time positioning and mission status on a web interface as well as taking pictures of damaged goods, scanning pallets and gather data to calculate the driver’s salary.

About Sygic integration

Sygic Fleet - an intelligent routing system is furthermore specifically adapted to trucks, by for example avoiding narrow streets and low-ceiling tunnels.


  • Local distribution and delivery
  • Long haul transport and logistics
  • Public transport
  • Rescue forces (police, ambulance, firefighters)
  • Taxi dispatch
  • Utilities, mobile service and maintenance
  • Waste removal and road cleaning

Supported countries

  • Full Europe