Integration with your mobile app using Sygic server storage


The integration of the Sygic ADAS subsystem in this scenario as depicted in the picture below.

The 3rd party mobile app integrates Sygic Library as a part of Sygic Mobile Telematics SDK package.
The library automatically detects driving events and communicates with the Sygic server-side backend system to store trip data.
The Sygic backend services can be used e.g. to retrieve trip data for all users of the organization by e.g. a customer built web portal.
The on-device integration is supported with libraries for the iOS and Android platforms, while the backend system is equipped with Rest API service for standard integration.

On-device integration

On-device integration means that Sygic Mobile Telematics library module (Android or iOS) needs to be contained in a mobile application.

Integration steps

  1. Get client_id
    Make sure you have client_id ready (in the form of com.myorg.mydriving).
    You can obtain it from your Sygic sales representative or contact us through Contact form.
    The given client_id will be the input to the initialize method.

  2. Import library into your project
    Adapt the android project's repository and dependencies as follows:
    Project build.gradle:

    repositories { maven { url "" }}

    App module build.gradle:

    dependencies { implementation(“com.sygic.adas:driving:2.4.1@aar") { transitive true    }}

    Retrieve the library from the following link.

  3. Coding
    You can help yourself with sample apps on github:
    Or continue with the sections Android Library or iOS Library to go through the available functions.

Minimum requirements

  • Minimum OS version: Android 5, iOS 11
  • HW sensors: GPS, accelerometer

Release notes


  • More users on the same client can create undesired effect of missing up trips
  • If client app calls WorkManager.initialize, malfunctioning of the library can occur, see the issue.

Backend integration

Using Sygic backend services you can retrieve data
to reconstruct trip trajectories, visualize them on map along with the driver behavior events they committed,
retrieve their driver scoring statistics, potentially to create leaderboards, etc.

Integration steps

  1. Get client_id and client_secret
    You can obtain it from your Sygic sales representative or contact us through Contact form
    You will need client_id and client_secret for to retrieve access token for all the available data and control functions.

  2. Coding
    Continue reading with the section Backend API to go through the available functions.