Drive Safely, Get Rewards: Sygic and Triglav Partner to Offer Next-Gen Insurance App

29. 09. 2020

By adopting safe habits behind the wheel, customers of Slovenian insurer Zavarovalnica Triglav can get up to 25% off their annual contracts.

Sygic, the global navigation pioneer, trusted by more than 200-million drivers, and insurance-financial leader Triglav are debuting game-changing new features via Triglav’s mobile application DRAJV (Drive). These use positive feedback and gamification to motivate customers to drive safely.

DRAJV evaluates driving style via key behaviour attributes behind the wheel, including speed, distraction, acceleration, braking and cornering. With an overall score of at least 90 out of 100 points and at least 400 kilometres of monthly recorded trips, drivers can gain the highest reward for safe driving. The refreshed version of the app includes several innovative features such as real-time driving feedback, in-app speed limits and dashcam, which provide additional value and a more comfortable user experience for Triglav’s insurees.

“The insurance business is moving step-by-step in the digital era; however, currently, it still doesn’t use every advantage. By using mobile applications, insurers can quickly identify driving styles, engage with drivers, and in the end, reward customers for positive behaviour,” said Sygic’s Head of Product Delivery Jozef Klinovsky.
“We are excited to work with Triglav on the development of unique features based on the best experience and knowledge from both of us. The Triglav team provided us with valuable feedback and, critically, demonstrated the courage to innovate and set new trends in the industry,” Klinovsky added.

The application regularly evaluates driving scores, and drivers can benefit from a discount of up to 25% on their annual contracts. The scheme aims to change the behaviour of drivers over the long term, little by little. Therefore, each month one must drive more than a certain number of kilometres safely in order to be rewarded by a discount. Additionally, over the year, drivers can participate in various reward contests.

“We are glad that we have found a partner with a similar view of the strategic development of mobility, because we would like to address the mobility segment by offering innovative solutions. Sygic is an experienced mobile app developer, navigating millions of people around the world with valuable know-how in the business. Combined with our previous experience based on 5 years of successfully growing the network of DRAJV users, this offers us several new opportunities for growth and development of the segment,” said Zoran Miloševič, Chief Innovation & Digital Officer at Triglav.

In 2017 Sygic committed to making Canadian roads safer by partnering with insurance company Onlia. Since then, Sygic has been increasing its focus on the segment of telematics, utilizing its years of experience with location-based services to reshape the insurance industry through smartphone and IoT technologies.