Sygic Among the Best-Managed Companies in Slovakia

15. 12. 2022

Sygic has been awarded Slovakia’s Best Managed Company 2022 certificate by Deloitte. The achievement results from evaluating the company's strategy, productivity and innovations, company culture, management, and financial results. Sygic joined the programme with other companies that have Slovak or Czecho-Slovak ownership structures. The jury was impressed by the company’s strategy, company culture, and innovations.

Sygic has been on the market for eighteen years. It has grown from a startup to a medium enterprise with a global presence, with over 220 employees yet retaining a startup mentality and open company culture. ”This award is great satisfaction for our team. The ability to bring innovations to Sygic is a matter of business sustainability in competing against leading global players. To reach the highest quality standards and also remain flexible, agile, and creative at the same time takes proactivity. We have always put people first, and our experience confirms that acquiring and retaining the right people takes quality leadership,“ said Martin Strigač, CEO of Sygic.

Stefan Janciga, Managing Director of Sygic Navigation, at the award ceremony of the Slovakia Best Managed Companies 2022.

A jury member of the Slovakia Best Managed Companies Programme 2022, Mr. Miroslav Kiraľvarga, President of the National Union of Employers in Slovakia, commented on the company's management: “Sygic is unique thanks to developing solutions for the entire world from Slovakia. How it is managed must reflect global competitors, as we’ve indicated from a deeper analysis of the company. Business responsibility, talent support, reinvesting some revenues into the company, and open communication are approaches that many companies still have to learn,“ he said.

According to jury member Peter Sobôtka, Director of Citi Commercial Bank Slovakia, the jury was impressed by how Sygic faced strong competitors: “The company has found its place on the market, listened to customers and their needs, and strengthened its position with strategic partner synergies. This also shows management qualities, correct strategic decisions and company direction, and also employees’ innovative approach that needs a good company culture,” Sobôtka said.