Sygic GPS Navigation Adds a Cloud-Based Solution for Quickly Detecting and Warning You of Wrong-Way Drivers

06. 09. 2022

Approximately 4,500 road accidents on European highways are caused by wrong-way drivers every year – and more than one wrong-way driving fatality occurs on U.S. highways on average every day. To increase drivers' vigilance on highways, Sygic brings a cloud-based wrong-way driver warning service from Bosch to their GPS navigation in the EU, the US, and Canada.

The new safety function in Sygic GPS Navigation is based on an intelligent solution that immediately warns you and other potentially endangered road users about driving in the opposite direction. Within the last twelve months, the wrong-way driver system evaluated more than 3.3 billion driving directions in the EU, and out of those, over 300 wrong-way drivers have been detected and warned.

Sygic’s GPS navigation will be the first consumer GPS navigation system in the US and Canada to integrate the cloud-based wrong-way driver warning system from Bosch. If a vehicle or smartphone using the service enters a highway in the wrong direction, within seconds, the system will detect and warn the wrong-way driver, as well as the other potentially affected road users using the servic, about the critical situation.

“Digital transmission of the information is in real-time and the fastest there is. Therefore, we find this feature a high-quality addition to the traffic reports on the radio. It is especially useful for travelers to unknown destinations and locals on new roads,” Lukas Dermek from Sygic says.

Thanks to the anonymized data regularly sent to the cloud from the vehicles and apps with the integrated system, all of the drivers in their radius and the ones driving in the wrong direction will be informed. Within just 10 seconds after detection, a warning can be provided.

With the launch of the service in Sygic’s GPS Navigation app, the number of users and, therefore, the possibility of detecting wrong-way drivers will significantly increase since there are 2.5 million monthly active users of the Sygic GPS Navigation app.

“It is our goal to bring the cloud-based wrong-way driver warning system to as many road users as possible – this is what “Invented for life” means to us. We’re happy that the Sygic GPS Navigation users can also benefit from our service now,” Lars Mueller, product manager at Bosch, explains.

Sygic decided to implement this cloud-based feature from Bosch and enhance their safety features in consumer GPS Navigation. For Android and iOS users, it is another “lifeguard” helping drivers to be better informed so that they can drive more predictably. The "Wrong-way warning" feature works online and warns against real-time risks along the driver’s route. It is free, and users can switch it off anytime.