Geocoding service offers geographic location output based on structured address input

GET /v1/api/geocode?admin_level_2=[country_name]&admin_level_8=[city_name]&street=[street_name]&house_number=[house_number]&key=[API_KEY]

Parameter Is mandatory Example Description
key yes /geocode?key=ABCDEFGH Api key for accessing the service
admin_level_2 / country yes /geocode?admin_level_2=Germany Country name, ISO2 or ISO3 code
admin_level_3 no /geocode?admin_level_3=Bayern Country subdivision (e.g. state name in USA or Germany)
admin_level_8 / municipality yes /geocode?admin_level_8=Munchen Municipality name (city name)
key no /geocode?admin_level_9=Ludwigsvorstadt Municipality subdivision name
postal_code no /geocode?postal_code=80335 Postal code
street yes /geocode?street=Bayerstraße Name of the street
house_number yes /geocode?house_number=32 House (street) number