Please note Sygic does no longer issue new Sygic Maps API keys. This documentation is for existing customers only. If you wish to include maps & navigation into your project, please refer to Sygic Maps SDK.

Maps using Sygic map designs or data must display the Sygic logo and text attribution. This article defines how to provide the proper attribution to Sygic Maps.

Why do you have to provide attribution

Sygic sources the map data from different professional map data providers and it is essential to provide the proper attribution in regard to each provider separately.
Sygic is legally obliged to provide attribution for its commercial data sources.


Attribution consist of two main parts: Sygic logo and text attribution

Sygic logo

The Sygic logo costs of Red circle and Sygic wordmark. By default, Sygic logo is placed in the bottom left corner of a map. You are free to move the Sygic logo to a different place on the map, but you should never remove it or purposely hide it.

In certain cases, you may require the ability to remove the Sygic logo completely – to do so, please contact our Sales team and learn about the possibilities within different contract forms.

Text attribution

This type of attribution is strictly required and must be included at all times. The text attribution consists of two parts:

  • "©2018 Sygic"
  • "map data" + "Always one of the following – according to your enterprise plan"
    • ©TomTom
    • ©HERE
    • ©OpenStreetMap
    • ©DigitalGlobe

Text attribution can be styled to match the website theme.

When do you have to provide attribution?

Maps using Sygic map designs or data supplied by Sygic must display both the Sygic logo and text attribution in the bottom right corner.
Attribution must be included in both Street and Satellite map view.
Text attribution and Sygic logo have to always be included. Sygic logo can be excluded upon individual agreement with the sales team according to subscribed enterprise plan.

How to provide correct attribution

Attribution is by default added automatically on all Sygic’s map layers incl. satellite view.
To manually add or change the attribution, refer to this section – L.control.attribution.