Custom URL


With the Android Custom URL scheme you can implement a simple integration of your application with Sygic navigation.

Example with Android programming

With your Android application you can start the Sygic navigation and directly open it on a specified address using this snippet.

String lon = "17.12812";
String lat = "48.15594";
String type = "drive";
String str = "com.sygic.aura://coordinate|" + lon + "|" + lat + "|" + type;
startActivity(new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse(str)));

Example using HTML

This HTML web page example shows 4 hyperlinks to start Sygic navigation for showing the predefined locations and driving to the locations.

    SLOVAKIA 48.159673,17.111206
    <a href="com.sygic.aura://coordinate|17.12812|48.15594|show">Sygic show</a>
    <a href="com.sygic.aura://coordinate|17.12812|48.15594|drive">Sygic navigate to</a>
    USA (Illinois) 41.87985,-87.636395
    <a href="com.sygic.aura://coordinate|-87.636395|41.87985|show">Sygic show</a>
    <a href="com.sygic.aura://coordinate|-87.636395|41.87985|drive">Sygic navigate to</a>

List of Sygic Custom URL schemes

Please note that for majority of uses the parameter string needs to be URL-encoded (so called percent encoding).
It normally relates to the following characters: "#%<>[]^`{|} and the SPACE. For exact rules check the documentation on Encoding
Example: Instead of com.sygic.aura://route_download| route.sif
use com.sygic.aura://

name URL scheme Example
search an address or place com.sygic.aura://search | searched address com.sygic.aura://search|Bratislava%20Einsteinova%2021
search an address or place and drive com.sygic.aura://search | searched address | drive com.sygic.aura://search|Bratislava%20Einsteinova%2021|drive
show map on an address com.sygic.aura/address | country | city | postal | street | house number | type com.sygic.aura://address|Slovakia|Bratislava|85101|Einsteinova|21|show
drive to an address com.sygic.aura/address | country | city | postal | street | house number | type com.sygic.aura://address|Slovakia|Bratislava|85101|Einsteinova|21|drive
drive to an address using the first route com.sygic.aura/address | country | city | postal | street | house number | type com.sygic.aura://address|Slovakia|Bratislava|85101|Einsteinova|21|driveNow
show map on coordinates com.sygic.aura://coordinate | lon | lat | type com.sygic.aura://coordinate|17.12812|48.15594|show
drive to coordinates com.sygic.aura://coordinate | lon | lat | type com.sygic.aura://coordinate|17.12812|48.15594|drive
drive to coordinates using the first route com.sygic.aura://coordinate | lon | lat | type com.sygic.aura://coordinate|17.12812|48.15594|driveNow
drive to coordinates with defining address description com.sygic.aura://coordinateaddr | lon | lat | address_description | type com.sygic.aura://coordinateaddr|17.12812|48.15594|Customer John Smith|drive
drive to coordinates with defining address description using the first route com.sygic.aura://coordinateaddr | lon | lat | address_description | type com.sygic.aura://coordinateaddr|17.12812|48.15594|Customer John Smith|driveNow
loads json itinerary com.sygic.aura://route | file (sif or json) com.sygic.aura://route|myitinerary.sif
downloads json itinerary and loads it to navigation com.sygic.aura://route_download | url | type

where type can have values:
sif - Sygic itinerary format, or Sygic precomputed route format
json - PTV json format
bcr - PTV bcr format
check encoding rules
opens web page directly in navigation com.sygic.aura://url | webpage com.sygic.aura://url|
activate license with product code com.sygic.aura://activate|productCode com.sygic.aura://activate|2637-A356-563C-F156
start navigation and login with username com.sygic.aura://login | username | password com.sygic.aura://login||$js!PsW
update specific map or all maps com.sygic.aura://update | map | *force*

Note: the call starts downloading maps immediately
but removes old maps with the application restart.
This means that at the certain moment both maps
are present in your filesystem, so your memory limits can be hit.

Note2: *force* parameter is optional and if set,
the update or fresh download of the map/maps
will proceed automatically in the background,
without any prompt (such as no-wifi connection dialog), no matter the settings
show sygic products' shop com.sygic.aura://mysygic com.sygic.aura://mysygic
show product detail from shop com.sygic.aura://mysygicproduct | productId com.sygic.aura://mysygicproduct|22945
buy a license for a product com.sygic.aura://mysygicbuy | productId com.sygic.aura://mysygicbuy|22945
play gps nmea log from Res/gpslogs com.sygic.aura://gpslog | nmeafile com.sygic.aura://gpslog|mytraveltest.nmea
control truck settings
(available since 13.6.0)
com.sygic.aura://truckSettings | parameterstring

where parameterstring is of the form
for details, see the table bellow.



Define vehicle profile com.sygic.aura://vehicleProfileSettings | parameterstring

where parameterstring is of the form
for details, see the table bellow.
define back button behavior com.sygic.aura://back_button | application identifier com.sygic.aura://back_button|
overwrite app settings com.sygic.aura://settingsOverwrite | filepath com.sygic.aura://settingsOverwrite|%2Fsdcard%2Fsettings_overload.ini
get device code com.sygic.aura://deviceCode com.sygic.aura://deviceCode
control head-up display com.sygic.aura://hud | command

where the command can be of the values:
none, normal, inverted
none reverts the display to the standard navigation mode
remote activation com.sygic.aura://activate | SDpassword | ProductID | Period | Description

where password, product id and period should be consulted with Sygic support
com.sygic.aura://activate|43tgs36f|1506|12|my activation batch 17
set language com.sygic.aura://setLanguage | ISO | Type | VoicePack

ISO is defined in ISO 639-1 format
Type can be of the values Lang, Voice, LangVoice
VoicePack can be of the values NormalMale, NormalFemale, TTS
In case of Type=Lang the VoicePack setting is dontcare.
In case of VoicePack=NormalMale of NormalFemale the voice pack needs to be downloaded in the application otherwise no change is done
Download POI files and load it to navigation com.sygic.aura://poi_download | url com.sygic.aura://poi_download|
check encoding rules
Create a route itinerary and load it to the navigation com.sygic.aura://routeimport | url-encoded-data | type

where type can have values:
sif - Sygic itinerary format, or Sygic precomputed route format
json - PTV json format
bcr - PTV bcr format
check encoding rules
Download settings_overload.ini and load it to navigation com.sygic.aura://settings_download|url com.sygic.aura://settings_download|

Truck settings parameter string

key description Example
mxs defines maximum speed in km/h mxs=90
wei defines total weight in kilograms wei=15000
axw defines maximum axle weight in kilograms axw=1200
len defines length in milimeters len=7800
wid defines width in milimeters wid=2450
hei defines height in milimeters hei=3450
rou defines routing type, where the possible values are:
car, tru (truck), cmp (camper), van
general 1 defines turning the general hazmats on, 0 clears the setting general=1
water 1 defines turning the water hazmats on, 0 clears the setting water=1
hClass defines the setting of US hazmat classes. The possible values are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,I.
The values can be combined. The value 0 clears the setting to none.
adr defines the setting of ADR tunnel class. The possible values are B,C,D,E.
The values cannot be combined. The value 0 clears the setting to none.
profile defines the profile id the new truck settings to be applied to, while the particular profile is also set active.
The default is the profile 1.
profileName defines the profile name of the selected vehicle profile. profileName=Long Haul Truck
emiss defines the vehicle's emission category. The possible values are: 1,2,3,4,5,6 emiss=5
year defines the vehicle's production year. The values are in the form of 2016, 2017, etc year=2017

Supported standard Android Geo URI schemes

Except for the Sygic URL schemes we also support standard Android custom URI schemes for geo functionality.

key description Example
geo lat/lon geo:latitude,longitude geo:48.12345,17.12345
geo lat/lon with zoom geo:latitude,longitude?z=zoom geo:48.12345,17.12345?z=11
geo with marker geo:0,0?q=lat,lng(label) geo:0,0?q=48.12345,17.12345(Treasure)
geo with address geo:0,0?q=my+street+address geo:0,0?q=slovakia,+bratislava,+karadzicova,+14
navigation to lat/lon google.navigation:q= google.navigation:q=Haanova+1%2C+851+04+Bratislava&mode=b&ll=48.12345,17.12345



Multiple actions in one call

It is possible to chain several actions within a single URL call using the &&& sign.

Example: com.sygic.aura://login|username|password&&&back_button|package

How to use custom URL converted to QR codes

This easy method can be used to simply set some of the required parameters by reading QR code, placed e.g. on a dashboard, vehicle information card, etc.
Potential use:

  • Vehicle profiles (Van, Delivery Truck, Heavy Weight Truck)
  • Vehicle dimensions (useful when the same device is being used on multiple vehicles)
  • Opening custom webpages
  • Triggering map updates

Example 1: Open custom webpage directly with navigation application

template: com.sygic.aura://url | webpage            

Example 2: Update specific map or all installed maps

template: com.sygic.aura://update | map

Example 3: Change vehicle profile settings

template: com.sygic.aura://truckSettings | parameterstring 

For more information please contact your dedicated business representative or Sygic support contact


License terms

Integrating with the Custom URL scheme is restricted to Personal usage.
For Commercial usage of the URL scheme please contact our sales representatives.