Getting started

This section contains the REST API for retrieval of your organization's data such as lists of users, user trips and user statistics.

OpenAPI3 spec

The backend REST API's OpenAPI3 spec is available here.
Feel free to use an OpenAPI codegen tool to generate a client in the programming language of your choosing or to write the client yourself.


Requests need to be authorized and contain an access token, which is described in the section authentication

Authorization: Bearer <access_token>


Only use the v2 version of the API, as v1 is deprecated.

If you intend to integrate Sygic ADAS SDK via Sygic Professional Navigation, each trip in API repsonses contain the user, which in turn contains the user's deviceCode.
This deviceCode can also be found directly in the Professional Navigation user interface - device owners can be easily identified this way even without using an email account for identification. This is supported by the backend API since Sygic Professional Navigation version 21.0.0