Sygic Car Navigation for Pioneer Multimedia Receviers

19. 06. 2018 · 1 min read

We are happy to announce that Sygic Car Navigation is finally compatible with Pioneer's multimedia receviers.

Now, Pioneer's aftermarket multimedia receiver users can connect Sygic Car Navigation app with all its benefits and features and project it directly onto their multimedia receiver's screens.

In short.
Sygic Automotive department heard the calling of Sygic Car Navigation fans and added a new type of connectivity (AAM2) for new Pioneer multimedia receivers. That means, not only Ford, VW or other types of car drivers can relish Sygic advanced navigation features, but also a lineup of Pioneer aftermarket receiver users can jump into the car, plug their smartphone into the receiver and enjoy projection of one of the best and advanced navigation app out there. And yes, it is compatible with both iOS and Android users.

Using Sygic Car Navigation is convenient, comfortable, safe and brings many premium features like Real-time Traffic Information, Parking Services, Speed Camera and Speed Limits warnings, Dynamic Lane Assistance, Fuel Prices, millions of POIs and more.

To run Sygic Car Navigation on Pioneer receiver, you need Pioneer AppRadio app. You can get it here for iOS or here for Android. Don't forget to use original USB cable or cable that can transfer data. No cheap ones!

And that's all for this blog.

Luckily Sygic Car Navigation is now on SALE! Get yours for better price!

Written by Boris Hasko