Sygic Travel Has Added Trip Planning for End Users to its SDK

28. 03. 2018 · 1 min read

Sygic Travel trip planner, which enabled other companies to access its data and software tools in the middle of 2017, comes up with a huge update. A couple of useful features that can be utilized by the end users were added to its SDK (software development kit).

Companies using Sygic Travel SDK on their websites or in mobile apps can now enable their customers to create and process trip itineraries, save favourite places and find information about various routes. Using the new SDK, these companies can also easily offer relevant tours and activities to their customers. The owner of the website or application, of course, gains profit for the mediation.

There are many ways in which Sygic Travel SDK can be utilized. Companies which are using it can create their own itinerary planners or add trip planning features to their already existing services, just like an internet travel agency recently did. After their customer purchases the flight ticket, tourism-related content concerning their destination is displayed in Kiwi’s mobile app.

Thanks to Sygic Travel SDK, companies can offer pre-assembled trip itineraries to their customers. This feature can be useful for hotels or airlines for example. Those companies can prepare itineraries for their customers according to their destination and the length of their stay.

Sygic Travel as been helping people with trip planning since 2011. Its web and application for both Android and iOS are used by millions of users each year. In June 2017, the data collected by Sygic Travel were made accessible through its API. The modernised Sygic Travel Software Development Kit enables comfortable processing, updating and synchronisation of these data. For more information, please, visit:

Written by SV