Dff solutions GmbH

dff solutions has more than a decade of experience in providing intelligent, modular mobile-computing solutions for retail, transport and field service markets. We are focused on highly integrated complex solutions for medium to large corporations. Our modular software components are bundled in a standards-based framework. Thus a quick and easy entry into mobile computing can be achieved while ensuring long-term scalability and functional growth.

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Product name

dff solutions mobile computing framework

About product

Our framework consists of a collection of methods and functions ranging from basic functions like data encryption and data transfer to high-level functions like returns management, signature capture and e-payment.

Together with our customers we decide how their processes could be redesigned and supported through software and then carefully pick which modules need to be combined in which way to meet their specific needs.

This allows us to update and maintain our standard components across solutions and software generations while achieving an unrivaled level of customization.

We proud ourselves in supplying solutions that have become best practice in their respective markets.

About Sygic integration

For all our customers requiring navigation we highly recommend integrating Sygic navigation. We use it as well in windows-mobile solutions as in Android-driven environments. We tightly integrate as many Sygic-API functions as we can – from basic navigation to traffic management to using Sygics’ text-to-speech engine.

Supported countries

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Benelux
  • Switzerland


  • Long haul and Transport
  • Field service
  • Retail