i-Rose is a Slovenian mobile software platform company established in 1993 with the aim to develop new concepts, the search and implementation of new ideas in the world of high-tech IT services and application products. The company creates new dimensions of information paths that lead to time and processes optimization in the area of business.

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Product Name

MSP- Mobile Service Platform

About Product

MSP – Mobile Service Platform is the solution created to support all the business processes which take place out of office. MSP provides mobile assistance to mobile sales, distribution & deliveries, maintenances & repairs actions and much more. MSP’s wide basic structure allows us to modify the product to fit perfectly for your business needs and demands.

About Sygic integration

Sygic is fully integrated with the Slovenian fleet software solution called MSP provided by i-Rose. In combination with Sygic Professional Navigation, it is helping drivers on the road so they can get notified if there are any changes during the transport. Therefore, Sygic Professional Navigation helps to increase the level of effectiveness and reliability amongst the drivers. Sygic also precisely calculates the route and gives us an accurate time of arrival that calculates also real traffic information.


  • Transport and logistics
  • Manufacture and infrastructure
  • Financial institutions
  • Trade and tourism

Supported countries

  • Europe