MobiSoft is the MENA‘s market leader in developing and implementing enterprise mobile solutions. We utilize state-of-the-art mobile and wireless devices, frameworks and software to serve various business verticals including Census and Surveys, Municipal, Sales and Retail, Marketing, Inspections and GIS.

MobiSoft’s expertise spans multiple development platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Windows CE, J2ME and targets various devices including PDAs, Smart Phones and Tablet PCs.

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Product Name

Mobile Van Sales (m-VS)

About Product

Mobile Van Sales (m-VS) is a modular Sales Force Automation System which assists sales professionals in realizing their targets and closing new deals through automating all tasks related to sales and distribution, while giving supervisors effective sales force management tools.

m-VS is a highly configurable and customizable mobile application, with:

  • English and Arabic Interface with possibility to support other languages
  • WM, Android & iOS support
  • Barcode Scanning & RFID
  • In-field receipt printing
  • Backend integration with various ERP systems

The core modules include:

  • Stock Management: Stock count, swap, and returns
  • Financials & Bank Deposits: Complete handling of credit sales, cash & check collection and payment tracking
  • Order Management: Delivery of pre-orders, order taking for future delivery, perform direct sales, and proof of delivery through electronic signature capture
  • Synchronization: Transfer mission critical information and data to and from the field using GPRS, 3G, Wireless and cable
  • Customer Management: Support cash and credit customers and provide search functionality through barcode, RFID or GPS proximity
  • Journey Plan: Ability to define daily/weekly/monthly plans by supervisors with the option of allowing out of route visits and bank deposits

About Sygic integration

Sygic fleet is used to guide sales professionals to their next outlet. The user would select his next destination and then Sygic Fleet would provide him turn by turn navigation to that outlet.


  • Local distribution and delivery

Supported countries

  • Jordan
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • The United Arab Emirates
  • Kuwait
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Iraq