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We are stable czech company with nearly 25 years of history. We are proud that our relationships with customers are usually long time and that we treat each other like real partners!
We are specialists! We concentrate purely on area of automatic identification and mobile solution for enterprise customers. Thus we have long time and practical experiences from real projects, ranging from SMB to large multinational companies.
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We have own skilled, professional software development and technical support team, long time cooperation with our hw suppliers, 24x7 helpdesk. We provide you everything needed for successful implementation of the project.

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RescueNavigator is a comprehensive suite of features integrated into one unified mobile application intended for Emergency and Rescue forces. It provides bidirectional data connection with a dispatching center, navigation to destination, mapping, POI visualization, traffic data, audio and video connection and interoperability features and knowledge base access in real time. The product is always customized and integrated within customers environment.

About Sygic integration

Sygic is integrated within the application, it could be displayed in the phase of approaching the destination in either sole or in the split view with other map and navigation sources (cartographic map, satellite view, street view, etc.). Sygic is fully controlled by the application (setting the destination, avoidance, canceling the routing, etc.). Route generated by Sygic is used to highlight computed route in other maps.

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