Please note Sygic does no longer issue new Sygic Maps API keys. This documentation is for existing customers only. If you wish to include maps & navigation into your project, please refer to Sygic Maps SDK.

Online Maps and Directions, Geocoding, Search and route Optimization APIs for web development of Enterprise solutions.

Maps API

Embed raster map tiles or fast vector maps with any information and graphics using Custom Layers.
Maps API

Geocoding & Search API

Find places and addresses, convert them to geo-coordinates, or just see suggestions as you type using Autocomplete.
Geocoding API | Search API

Routing API

Pedestrian, car, RV, bus, delivery van, or truck routing algorithms used by more than 150 million drivers worldwide.
Routing API

Route Optimization API

Multi-vehicle and multi-stop sequence optimization using various restrictions and attributes.
Optimization API