Routing API

Please note Sygic does no longer issue new Sygic Maps API keys. This documentation is for existing customers only. If you wish to include maps & navigation into your project, please refer to Sygic Maps SDK.

Sygic Routing API is a cloud-based service that calculates routes from one location to another. Sygic Maps comes with fast and reliable route planning algorithm based on everyday experience of more than 150 million drivers worldwide and with truck routing trusted by more than 750 000 truckers. Easy to implement API suits all your vehicles and use cases – local delivery zones, emission zones, heavy truck attributes, hazardous material restrictions, and many more but always with focus on road safety.
The simplest calculation can be done just by specifying both origin and destination defined by GPS coordinates and including a valid API key.

Route calculation can be enhanced by using any of the parameters below:

  • Waypoints with time windows;
  • Avoid specific road types;
  • Avoid specific block of map defined by map selection;
  • Type of routing - request route alternatives (fastest, shortest, and the most economical);
  • There are different routing parameters taken into account for each different vehicle type. Supported types are car routing, truck routing, van, and bus routing;
  • Support for both imperial and metric units;
  • Limit the max speed of the vehicle and set departure time to make ETA more accurate;
  • Speed profiles represent usual traffic on roads at any given time of the day;
  • Set right or left turn preference.

Routing calculations can be currently done on TomTom, HERE and OSM data. Sygic Routing API uses the same routing algorithm including truck routing as the well known Sygic Professional navigation used by 150 millions drivers worldwide.
The only difference is that all computing is done on the cloud which makes the calculation much faster. Routing API will produce the same route as Sygic Professional Navigation app.


You need to provide a Sygic API key in every request. You can obtain the API key after requesting the Authorization API. The access_token that you receive is your API key.
If you don't have your client_id yet, please contact our sales team.

  • Routing

    Route planning between two locations with possible multiple waypoints (stop-overs) and calculation of alternative routes for even better decision.…

  • Toll Cost

    Service for calculation toll costs for given road and vehicle type.

  • Distance Matrix

    Calculate distances and durations between multiple origins and destinations at once.

  • Batch Distance Matrix

    Calculate distances and durations between multiple origins and destinations at once in batch with increased size limits.

  • Send Route to Navigation

    Send route to Navigation allows you to send calculated route from server to navigation.