DRAJV App by Triglav Group and Sygic Set a New Standard in Fostering Safer Driving and Insurance Fairness

22. 08. 2023

Three years after the launch of the revamped DRAJV application in collaboration with Triglav Group, the joint project of the leading Slovenian insurance company and Sygic has shown remarkable results. Sygic utilized its Mobile Telematics to acquire valuable insights into drivers' behavior, alongside implemented gamification features that encourage safer driving habits. This approach has led to fairer and more transparent car insurance, improved well-being, and fosters a socially responsible driving community.

Though customer mobile apps have become common in various businesses, most insurance companies still keep their traditional lines. For Triglav Group, innovative solutions are deeply-rooted to authentically serve the best interests of their customers, enhance road safety, and sustain data-driven risk assessment and decisions by the insurer.

The DRAJV application is also handled as a marketing tool with a user-friendly interface that drives customer engagement and loyalty. It serves as a cross-selling platform for offering users other insurance products. Compared to October 2020, when the new DRAJV app was launched, in July 2023, its monthly active users grew by 21%. The overall volume of trips recorded and analyzed in the last three years reached nearly 30 million, proving the advisability of the app usage by insurers.

"One of the key elements that set DRAJV apart is its gamification feature developed in cooperation with Sygic. Based on the driving performance, users can earn points and badges, which motivates them to improve their habits continually," says Boštjan Kop, the manager at the Digital Platform Department at Zavarovalnica Triglav. Within the last three years, the average individual scoring for driving skills like braking, cornering, or speeding improved by 3 percentage points.

"The results from the mobile telematics application, DRAJV, validate the importance of usage-based insurance. This collaboration has provided valuable insights for enhancing road safety, which we share with Triglav as a common value for customers. Road safety will always stand behind all innovative features of Sygic's navigation solutions," says Stefan Janciga from Sygic.

Apart from giving drivers direct feedback on their driving style, which helps them improve their driving skills and earn rewards, the zero-cost app also brings other practical benefits. With personalized scoring for driving, the insurance becomes fairer by potential discounts on insurance premiums. Thanks to a dashcam integrated into the app, drivers don't need to use a standalone device.

In 2021, the DRAJV app won Websi Gold Award in the Advanced Technology Usage category.